Every initiative to help children affected by the war is special to us as behind it are kind-hearted individuals who share their time, talents and resources to help. BKC is delighted to have received a generous contribution of NOK 15494.64 from Norway. Arne Gabrielsen and a group of supporters, including chef Tobias Müller and Ukrainian refugees from the Storm Brygghus, organised an event in support of children in Ukraine. As reported by Hitra-Frøya, the event, held on April 29 at the local restaurant Brygga in Kvenvæ, offered a range of Ukrainian dishes to raise funds for Ukrainian children. In Ukraine, virtually every area of the social care sector is struggling to deliver crucial public services to the population due to severe underfinancing. The healthcare area suffers too; inadequate resources and the surge of the forcibly displaced population leave children’s hospitals across the country scrambling for medical equipment to provide medical care for their patients. This initiative helped provide a 12-channel electrocardiograph and tonometers for the National Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The medical facility provides care for over 10,000 children, including 3,963 children evacuated from the fighting areas. The facility reached out for our assistance as it is experiencing an ongoing medical device shortage. The Rzhyshchiv medical centre of primary health care Kyiv Oblast requested our help as well, as it lacks the basic equipment to provide care for the forcibly displaced families living in the area. With this donation, we also purchased stethoscopes for the medical centre.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this event possible for all your voluntary hard work and help to Ukraine! Your help counts! 

Photo source: Hitra-Frøya, published on April 27 2023

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