By Natalie Blinder.

“It happened to me quite a few times. While working or communicating with teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, I often caught myself thinking: ‘Wow, this kid has potential.’
One was outgoing and could be a great entertainer, another could be an engineer, someone else had the traits to be a leader and somebody could be an artist.
It is easy to envision these children as productive and successful adults, and it is inspiring.

But sadly, in almost all cases, I would come across the same children later in life and see that they had not gone anywhere and some of them are on their way downhill.
You could see them sad, frustrated, making wrong decisions and that potential I once saw faded away just because they simply did not have a helping hand to lift them.

Due to the lack of resources, bad parenting, bad company and influences, these now young adults make wrong life choices and don’t even have opportunities to make it better.

That is a huge motivation for me to develop my charity, so we can help people in need. Children or young adults.

We are small but we do our best, and now we start a new project which helps mothers of children with disabilities to shape their future. There should be someone for them.”


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