Why us:

If you want to help Ukrainian children affected by war, please consider Bright Kids Charity. We are proud to position ourselves as an independent, approachable and transparent grassroots organisation.

  • We are a registered NGO in Ukraine. You can find all the relevant documentation on our website
  • We are transparent and take our reporting seriously. For every corporate donor who supports BKC, we provide a report to show how your donation is used. We also post pictures and stories on social media, showing how your donation has directly helped people in Ukraine.
  • We are a small team of dedicated humanitarians who want to make a difference. We don’t have unnecessary meetings or people shuffling papers in vast offices. We do practical work, so we have minimal operational costs. We are a team of five people, and each of us has a unique role in the organisation.
  • We also have a dedicated team of volunteers from different countries contributing their time and effort to BKC and to helping in Ukraine. We have no communication barriers. We speak multiple languages, giving us more scope to work on the ground and in logistics.
  • Our independent status gives us the freedom to choose which projects to develop. We learn what help is required directly from families, our contacts and other sources in Ukraine. Our independent status means that we are in the privileged position to decide which projects need our immediate assistance.
  • We work with people in Ukraine who ask for our help by solving immediate problems and devising ways together to achieve long term goals.
  • As a grassroots charity, we don’t have a large support base. We, therefore, go the extra mile to gain your trust.

We want to welcome you to get involved with Bright Kids; a cause committed to connecting you directly with the most in-need people. We would like to hear from you. Please send us an email at info@brightkidscharity.com to find more information.

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