By Natalie Blinder
Bright Kids is happy to share the good news that on the 19th of June, 2-year-old Vova from Oster (Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine) received his much-awaited hearing aid.
A few days earlier we donated 10,000 Ukrainian hryvnias (about US$377.22) to a fundraiser organized by Anna Skydan, Vova’s mother.
On her Facebook page, she shared: ‘Learning to live anew. Thank [you] everyone for the help.’
This contribution was possible thanks to our sponsors.
We know that when we talk about charities operating in developing countries, it can raise concerns for people who understand the ramifications that difficult economic situations can create, and we appreciate those concerns.
We present ourselves as a transparent and young team of enthusiasts who want to offer opportunities for Ukrainian kids. We want them to experience kindness and see some good in the world so that they can envision a better future and accept opportunities that weren’t made available to us. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at


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