Most of the children at our safe space have gone through the traumatic experiences of fleeing their homes, losing their friends and leaving everything behind, including their favourite toys and books. 

As the war began, the family of three children, Nastya, 7, Regina, 6, and Nikita, 4, left their home in the war zone and relocated to Myrhorod. The family was going through a lot of difficulties. After losing their livelihood, the parents had to start building a new life and do everything they could to ensure their children had food and basic necessities. It was also challenging for the children to adjust to the new surroundings; they struggled with feelings of confusion and isolation and required support to help them settle in the new place. Mum Alina was looking for a secure and caring environment for her children, so she enrolled them in our programmes. Being at the centre helped the siblings become more open, make friends and integrate into their new community. Attending art therapy classes allowed the children to express their emotions and feelings and helped to provide a sense of focus, achievement and direction, and receiving psychological support helped improve their mental health. Also, being in a safe environment and feeling encouraged to take on new challenges and try new things benefitted the children’s self-esteem and confidence. 

We are thankful to all our donors for helping to keep the doors of our centre open so we can provide services to trauma-affected children like Nastya, Regina and Nikita. Every life matters. Your help counts. 


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