‘Last week, on Friday, I was honoured to represent Bright Kids at an international conference dedicated to women’s rights and democracy, which was conducted by Maria Rösslhumer and Theresa Bender-Säbelkampf.
Human rights activists from Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and Portugal shared their experiences. We discussed challenging topics, including the ongoing unrest concerning the new anti-abortion law in Poland and the political situation in Belarus.
It is inspiring to see women who are very passionate about what they do, however, their work is not easy by any means.
I was taken aback in a good way by a question from Maria: ‘How can we help you in a concrete way?’ I am very grateful to Maria for asking that.
Perhaps, on a bigger scale, an important challenge for us as a Ukraine-based charity is to be accepted internationally, it is to convey a message that Ukrainian charities can be trusted.
Also, we will be happy to share about the work of each participant because their work deserves that more people know about it.’

On behalf of our beneficiaries, we thank the organizers for this conference:

@Frauenhelpline.gegen.Gewalt (Frauenhelpline gegen Gewalt)
@verein.aoef (AÖF – Verein Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser)
@gewaltfreileben (Allianz Gewaltfrei leben)
@Frauenring (Österreichischer Frauenring)
@WienerInterventionsstelle (Wiener Interventionsstelle gegen Gewalt in der Familie)
@womenagainstviolenceeurope (WAVE Network)
@vday (V-Day)


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