August 24 marks Ukraine’s Independence Day and 1.5 years of the full-scale invasion. We would like to commemorate this day by thanking our donors for helping Ukrainian children and children’s hospitals during their darkest hours. Your support has allowed us to answer multiple cries for help from struggling families and children’s institutions!

As the war continues, the humanitarian situation in Ukraine remains dire. Millions of Ukrainians remain displaced; many conflict-affected families face challenges in meeting the most basic food, health, hygiene and shelter needs. It’s heartbreaking to learn so many struggling families are living in desperate circumstances. Orphanages and hospitals need help, too. We receive a large number of requests for help from families with disabled children, single mums and those who lost everything to the war: many families lost their homes and employment, some families lost their loved ones. 

As a grassroots charity, we have a limited workforce and have been experiencing a heavy workload; we prioritise our resources to answer the most vital needs of vulnerable families and underfunded institutions. Sharing regular updates on the help provided is essential to us; you can learn more about the families and institutions we support by visiting our IG&FB @brightkidscharity

BKC relies on the generosity of our donors to be able to serve conflict-affected families and institutions. Today, we just want to reiterate how grateful we are for your support! THANK YOU – we could not have done it without YOU!

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