Dear friends! We wanted to share the exciting news that BKC has been featured in Street Child magazine. Street Child was one of the first to reach out to us, offering help. We are very grateful for your partnership! Even more exciting, the publishing has coincided with the start of our new project with Street Child, which aims to provide informal education and psychological support to children affected by the war. We can’t wait to share the first updates soon! 

‘On February 24 this year, at 4:50 am, Russia announced its intention to enter Ukraine to conduct a ‘military operation’; by 5:10 am, it had launched missile attacks on a peaceful, sovereign nation. This escalation of an invasion that had been taking place since 2014 shifted the world’s focus. 

On that same fateful day, BKC was plunged into a new role. Before the invasion, we worked to fill gaps in social welfare for children with disabilities and their families by providing access to remedial care, special surgeries, education for single mothers, and other additional needs. Now we work to feed hungry families, source medical supplies and connect the most vulnerable people trapped in Ukraine with basic necessities. 

Street Child was one of the first to contact BKC with an offer to extend our reach. With her professional, kind and patient guidance, Street Child Senior Grant Manager Sabrina helped BKC secure grants that meant we could deliver emergency assistance to more than 100 families of children with disabilities. This urgent care helped to save children from hunger. Moreover, it buoyed the spirits of the BKC team. We hope no one ever has to imagine their homeland shattered overnight, their security gone, and their food resources dwindling.  

Street Child has helped BKC in many ways; funding, exposure and mentoring. However, more than the support they have given us as a grassroots charity, they have made a real difference in the hundreds of lives of Ukrainians living in contact zones or displaced by the war. They have helped us provide for disabled children and their families. We post the stories of the children and families we assist on our social media, and we are proud to tag Street Child as a supporting partner. In addition, they have made a real commitment to standing with Ukraine.’

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