Our work is not possible without the support of our donors. Since the beginning of the war, Poki, an online games provider from Amsterdam, has donated to help BKC support children and families who need urgent assistance. 

Poki’s mission is to let the world play by creating a free and open playground online. For millions of Ukrainian children, the war robbed them of their freedoms, play, and childhood. These children are deprived of basic necessities with millions of vulnerable families. Those with disabled children, those living in war zones, and those forcibly displaced are all struggling to afford supplies such as hygiene products, groceries, and medicines. 

Poki responded to our Crisis Relief Project with a generous donation of 52,651.46. The project responds to children, orphanages, and hospitals needing urgent help. Thanks to Poki and their game developer community, we have provided substantial assistance where it is needed most. 

We wish to thank the Poki management team, the entire Poki team, and the game developers for elevating children in need and ensuring BKC can reach those in need. Your kindness allows these children to forget for a moment and just be kids, to remember how to play.  

We wanted to include the following text from Poki:

‘At Poki, we have a clear mission of letting the world play. Every day, we aim to create the ultimate playground. Free and open to all. 

Freedom and openness have been under pressure because of the ongoing events in Ukraine.  

In these uncertain and challenging times, we want to stay close to our players. 

We’re against the war and want, together with our Poki community, our Poki team, as well as the game developers who make games on our platform, to offer help to those in need.

To do our small part in helping, we chose to donate to Bright Kids Charity and their Crisis Relief Fund, supporting Ukrainian families of disabled children in need. We highly value and appreciate the local work they do and the direct impact they have on helping the most vulnerable – children with disabilities, as well as children living in orphanages and those in children’s hospitals. 

Our thoughts are with all of the kids and families in the world affected by this war. 

With love from Amsterdam, 

The Poki Team’ 


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