We are so excited to announce that Oksana Masters, an American multi-sport Paralympic athlete of Ukrainian descent, has gracefully donated a whopping USD50,000, her prize money from the Bejing 2022 Winter Paralympics, to our project, ‘No Child Forgotten’ on the GlobalGiving platform. 

Oksana is the first American to win 7 medals at a single Winter Paralympics and is the most decorated athlete from this year’s games. She is also the most decorated US Winter Paralympian of all time. 

Oksana is of Ukrainian descent. After living in a Ukrainian orphanage, she was adopted at the age of 7 by an American woman. As a child, she suffered a lot. Born in Ukraine with various congenital disabilities believed to be caused by the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, she had both legs amputated, her left at age 9 and her right at 14.

Oksana has a kind heart, and she is a fighter. We are so proud to have her support. It is very kind of her to have supported our children with disabilities, who, daily, face many challenges but are even more vulnerable in the current climate. 

The ‘No Child Forgotten’ project aims to provide essential treatments for children with disabilities. While millions of Ukrainians have sought safety abroad, many more are staying behind. As a result, children with disabilities living in Ukraine are among the highest risk of suffering. For these children, receiving treatments to ease their pain is vital; however, the war restricts people’s access to the medical care they need; the war restricts the financial abilities of parents, many of whom are single mothers, to pay for the treatments. We are very grateful to Oksana for giving this opportunity to children with disabilities to attend much-needed therapies. 

Photo credit: Instagram/ oksanamasters 


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