Bright Kids encourages you to take the necessary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from the coronavirus, COVID-19.
Staying at home might not necessarily sound like an interesting experience, however, try to look at positives and use your time effectively!
You could try:
– learning a new language
– reading that book you never make time for
– experiment with indoors exercise apps
– cook delicious meals using the ingredients you find in the back of your pantry
– clean out the ‘everything draw’ in your house
– learn to sketch
– just relax by the window and watch the clouds float by
– get to know the person or people you live with by turning devices off and tuning in to them
– learn Quang Dang’s Hand Washing Dance song in Vietnamese

Despite the various effects of the virus on industries and persona activities, Bright Kids continues to work to provide help for Ukrainian children in need, so that no call for help is left unanswered!
We are working online, which has proved to be an effective measure to continue with our duties. We believe that working online is the future for many companies.
The Bright Kids team wishes you a good and productive week!

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