By Natalie Blinder. I first became interested in social welfare as a child. Growing up in post-Soviet Ukraine, I remember wanting to help children living at a local orphanage. I saw their shabby clothes and unkempt appearance and I thought, ‘this is not fair, it is not right.’
I felt compelled to do something for them. However, I had to put these ambitions on hold for many years while I completed my education and built my working experience.
In 2017, while between jobs, it occurred to me that I had the opportunity to do something really meaningful. I had the opportunity to do volunteer work in Tbilisi, Georgia. For 6 months I participated in several social projects, mostly working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I met many wonderful people who taught me a lot. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was how charity foundations operate. I have drawn on much of my experience to develop Bright Kids Charity. These are some pictures from my unforgettable journey to Georgia. I hope they inspire you to volunteer with your local charity organisation. When you give a little of your time to help others, you are rewarded tenfold with friends and great memories – it is absolutely worth it!
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