Our Team

Bright Kids welcomes Natalia Romanshchak to the administrative team in the role of director.
We wish to thank our former director and founder, Mila Brant, for her service. She was with Bright Kids from the beginning as a founder, and we wish her great success on her journey.
Mila is moving on from her executive role with Bright Kids, however, we look forward to her involvement with our organisation in a reduced capacity.

Natalie Blinder – Co-Founder & Executive Director

Dear friends, welcome to Bright Kids Charity!
After I graduated from university with a degree in economics, I worked in a bank. Later, I chose to move to India where I worked as an interpreter. On my return to Europe, I worked as a personal assistant.
However, I always dreamed of helping others and wanted to work in social welfare.
So I moved to Georgia, where I volunteered to work with children from a disadvantaged background and children living in orphanages.
After gaining valuable experience, I decided it was time to start working in the charitable sector on my own.
With the support of Mila Brant, we co-founded Bright Kids Charity.
I believe that with our combined human effort, we can make a difference in the lives and futures of many children.
Bright Kids aims to offer each child supported by our charity the chance for a brighter future.
If you are interested in assisting us on our journey toward a brighter future and making every life count, please reach out to us.


Nataliia Romanshchak – Director

Nataliia Romanshchak joined Bright Kids as a volunteer in spring 2019. She helped develop the Future Professions project and has provided website translation.
Nataliia has been a committed volunteer, motivated by taking responsibility and committing to tasks.
When Bright Kids had a vacancy for the position of director in September 2019, she was the obvious candidate for the job.
Her valuable input and dedication to our charity mean that we are excited about developing new projects and furthering the work that Bright Kids’ does.
If you would like to Bright Kids as a volunteer, or if you want to donate clothing, shoes or other necessities, or if you want help with transportation, please contact Nataliia.


Our Volunteers: an essential team and the power of our foundation.

Our volunteers are generous and they are confident that what they do counts.

We have a volunteer team of more than 120 people since November 2018, and more people are signing up every day.

We are grateful that so many people want to support the work of Bright Kids Charity, making us able to reach more children and offer excellent services.

Our volunteers are the people who work hard to turn our ideas into a reality, and without their dedication and compassion, many children would face a far-less inspiring future.

We would like to introduce you to some of our dedicated volunteer team.

Nata Kolomoets

I work in finance, which provides for my material needs, however, I also need to satisfy my need to help others. I believe we live in a world filled with love and kindness, and I want to share this insight with others. I want to inspire children to understand that together we can create a world filled with love.

Oksana Purik

Hello, my name is Oksana Purik and this is my story:
I love the theatre, that is why work in the industry.
I also love my city, so I happily introduce it to those who are interested.
I like bike riding because it is the best form of relaxation for me!
I started volunteering by visiting orphanages, hospitals and social centers more than 10 years ago. I believe that communication with kids, entertainment, and master-classes are no less important than material aid for children.
My volunteering group, Takete, has gladly joined Bright Kids Charity.
I also organize trips for kids living in orphanages. We take them to Kyiv to visit theatres, museums, and other interesting places.
As a guide, I do tours around Kyiv for the kids. It is fun and they can learn something new. We count cats, feed crows, study architecture and take a lot of photos!
I am also planning a cultural support program for students who have left orphanages and who want to pursue their studies in the capital.

Larisa Vasilieva

Hey! My name is Larisa, I am a massage therapist and have been working in the field for four years. A few years ago I decided that I wanted to share my skills with people who need it the most; kids living in orphanages.
Over the years I have come into contact with an increasing number of people working in the charity sector, and it is so rewarding. I know how important human touch is for people who do not have it regularly, that is why massage is so important for children living in orphanages. It brings them happiness, helps with their intellectual development and helps children develop a sense of security and trust. We all have the right to be loved and to receive warmth.
I am happy to participate in charitable projects and grateful for this opportunity.

Tatyana Tsaryuk

My name is Tanya. I have been working as an economist, accountant, analyst for around nine years – I like helping business owners develop their businesses.
From early childhood, we are taught to help vulnerable people, like our seniors, weaker people and children. We are taught to be socially active. I have been helping those in need for many years. I was a blood donor, have participated in such activities as cleaning up a park near a hospital, organizing crowdfunding for social projects, and participating in a festival for teenagers.
I started visiting orphanages, children’s hospitals, and homes for the elderly to spend time with people living in such institutions. It doesn’t matter if you are a child, teenager or an elderly person, everyone needs attention and someone to talk to. Such activities are part of my daily life.
Being socially active is important to me because it is a part of who I am.

Yulia Slabinska

Hello, everyone! I am Yulia Slabinska. I love life in all its diversity. I am a former bank employee (management section).
From childhood, I dreamed of becoming a kindergarten teacher. Now I work as a nanny, and I really enjoy it.
I love all kids and it makes me happy to know I am giving back and helping make real changes in the world of these kids working as a Bright Kids Charity volunteer.

Olga Kuz

Good day! I am Olga Kuz.

I have been working with charities since 1995. I think that to do charity work is a normal thing to do in life. Decent people find it natural to dedicate 10% of time or resources to good causes with social value – for example, to help or support projects that contribute to our future. I am happy to be a part of Bright Kids Charity with my projects Graduate and Special.

Irina Lobova

Hello! My name is Irina, I work as an accountant. In 2014 I started visiting old people’s houses to help those who don’t have anybody to support them.
Charitable (voluntary) activities teach us to see the world and things happening around us differently, teach us to appreciate what we have and value every day, and, most importantly, to be happy with little things. We should always remember that there are those among us who need help and care, and not to turn your back on someone.
I think that by participating in social projects, I make this world around us a bit better, and also realize that by doing good, you become a better person yourself. That is why I have joined the Bright Kids team!

Reach out to Bright Kids Charity and join our volunteers, who are making it count.