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On February 24 this year, Russia began its ‘military operation’ launching missile attacks on a peaceful, sovereign nation. Everything changed to ‘before’ the invasion and ‘since’ the invasion. The war has provoked unprecedented changes in the way we live and work. Before the war, BKC worked to fill gaps in social welfare for children residing in institutional care, children with disabilities and their families. With the start of the war, BKC refocused its attention on helping conflict-affected families, children’s hospitals and orphanages. 

We need your support and attention as this vicious war continues. We want to invite donors – businesses and individuals – to join our efforts in helping Ukrainian children and public sector institutions needing urgent help. Please, click here if you wish to support our projects or email us at info@brightkidscharity.com if you want to know more about our work. 

NB: We take our reporting seriously; we provide individual reports to our corporate donors and post our regular consolidated reports here. You can see what we have accomplished with your help and understand more about the families and institutions we support by following us on IG & FB @brightkidscharity.


Essentials for Children Affected by the War 

War deprives children of life’s essentials: schooling, healthcare, shelter, nutrition, and water. Forcibly displaced families, those living in contact zones, and families of children with disabilities – mostly single mums – are disproportionally affected by the economic crisis. Every day we receive requests for help from families whose lives have been significantly – and unjustifiably – impacted by the war. Parents fear they will be unable to feed their children because of soaring food prices, loss of income, and the lack of state support. BKC helps struggling families with their basic needs by providing access to essentials such as food, medicines, and hygiene and cleaning products. Your support helps BKC meet the immediate needs of struggling families and help them survive this war.

Support Children with Complex Health Needs

The war in Ukraine continues to bring large-scale death, destruction and hunger. Soaring prices have resulted in the rise of poverty in Ukraine. Families of children with disabilities and long-term conditions are significantly impacted; struggling families find it hard to afford food, and there is no money left for other necessities of a child with special health care needs. Today, an already underfunded and overwhelmed system cannot provide proper support for impoverished families, and they have to rely on help from charities for children’s necessities. Bright Kids is working to ensure that more Ukrainian children with special health care needs receive the necessary medical treatments and tests. We also provide our beneficiaries with such necessities as rehabilitation equipment, mobility and hearing aids.

Support Orphans 

More than 100,000 children live in about 700 residential institutions nationwide. Many of these are children who have physical and learning disabilities, many have no primary carers. These children living in specialised institutions should not be the forgotten victims of the war; they equally deserve a chance for a brighter future. Unfortunately, as state funding priorities change in war, specialised institutions suffer even more. Inadequate living and studying conditions, poor nutrition, and lack of necessities are often realities for children living in institutionalised care. This means that without help the orphanages’ residents have to live and study in dismal conditions.

This project aims to support orphanages and other institutions for children by distributing necessities such as food, hygiene products, household cleaning supplies, and school supplies. In addition, we help purchase beds and mattresses and help equip classrooms. BKC also provides the materials and equipment essential to maintain the schools in good repair. Each facility has different needs, and we answer those specific needs. 


Help Children Access Learning Opportunities and Psychological Support

UNICEF has reported that millions of children are missing out on an education. Schools have been destroyed, many are close to the fighting, while others don’t have adequate bomb shelters for safety. Most children are attempting to study online; however, this option is inaccessible for many children, particularly from impoverished families, who cannot afford computers or devices. 

This project aims to help conflict-affected children access education and psychological support. It focuses on providing safe learning spaces for children. Spaces – or children’s centres – where children can feel physically and emotionally comfortable while socialising with their peers, learning basic skills, and receiving the psychological support they require. Under this project, BKC runs its children’s centre in Myrhorod, Poltava Oblast, and supports the work of our partners, Fire Up!, Volunteer League, and Caritas Poltava, all of whom provide safe spaces in underfunded areas of Ukraine. The activities are hosted by qualified educators and psychologists, focusing on play, informal learning opportunities, and psychological well-being. Therapeutic services aim to create a safe, normalised environment away from the terrors of war.

As part of this project, we also provide an electronic device for children from economically challenged backgrounds, including children with disabilities, to enable them to access online learning opportunities. 

Help Hospitals Deliver Children’s Healthcare 

War crimes are being committed in Ukraine as hospitals are attacked, and citizens are displaced. As Russia has targeted attacks on Ukraine’s power grid, causing nationwide power cuts and water shortages, living conditions have worsened. Healthcare professionals are working in tough conditions. This, combined with massive underfinancing from the state, paints a dire picture for children reliant on healthcare services. Hospitals are desperate for help: from medicines to supplying wards and surgeries with life-saving equipment, there are insufficient funds to afford everything needed to save lives. BKC is committed to helping medical facilities provide healthcare for children. The hospitals we support have been inundated with children needing assistance. We provide essential medical tools, supplies, medicines and life-saving equipment to ensure effective medical care for children. We focus funding so that the most urgent and vital requests of medical facilities are answered. 

Practical Business Support for Entrepreneur Mothers of Disabled Children

Mothers of children with disabilities are often forced to abandon their careers to care for their children full-time. Providing around-the-clock care for their children often leads to isolation and an inability to earn an income. Even prior to the war, single mothers of children with disabilities had very few work opportunities, if any. As the war drags on, these often single mothers are struggling to survive. Soaring prices, scarce resources, and delays to state support payments mean that mothers cannot afford to provide their children with the basics. The mums that approach us for help have the skills, qualifications, and experience to work independently; they simply need help purchasing the tools and equipment essential to their trade. Without practical help and the necessary equipment, materials, or tools, it is impossible to launch a business, and the cycle of poverty and dependence continues. BKC creates opportunities for these families by assisting women in purchasing trade equipment to earn an income and work independently. Such assistance has become more urgent as the war continues to disrupt livelihoods and pushes vulnerable families into poverty.


Safeguarding Policy

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