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Crisis Relief Projects

On February 24 this year, Russia began its ‘military operation’ launching missile attacks on a peaceful, sovereign nation. Everything changed to ‘before’ the invasion and ‘since’ the invasion. The war has provoked unprecedented changes in the way we live and work. The safety and survival of Ukrainians are a priority. 

BKC is focused on supporting Ukrainian children affected by the war – forcibly displaced people, disabled children, those living in besieged areas and contact zones and those raised in single-parent families who rely on government resources that no longer exist to survive. Our focus is assisting with access to essentials such as groceries, high-nutrition food, diapers, medicines, cleaning products, and medical aids. We also help disabled children – prioritising the needs of those forcibly displaced or raised in single-parent households – access essential medical treatments. 

We are providing help to the children’s hospitals and departments with whatever their needs may be – medicines, medical equipment, and supplies. Some of these hospitals are in cities that have been under attack. Some hospitals need more assistance due to an increased number of Internally Displaced Persons fleeing active combat zones. Some of the hospitals we support are neo-natal centres where moms with newborns had to hide in bunkers. Every hospital has been affected by the war.

We also help supply orphanages for children with learning and physical disabilities with diapers, hygiene and cleaning products, and stationery. We help purchase orthopaedic beds and mattresses and help equip classrooms. Each orphanage has different needs, and we answer those specific needs. 

We support mothers of children with disabilities in learning new skills or starting a new venture to earn an income and provide for their children in war circumstances.

In addition, our latest project aims to provide informal education and psychological support for children from affected areas and forcibly displaced children. It focuses on helping children to cope with the current situation by providing them with a safe learning space where they can feel comfortable physically and emotionally while socialising with their peers, learning, and receiving the psychological support they require. 

Your help is making a difference. Please, click here if you wish to support our projects that respond to children, orphanages, and hospitals needing urgent help. 

Our nation is suffering under the unjustifiable attack on a sovereign nation from its neighbour. We need your support and attention as this vicious war continues. We want to invite donors – businesses and individuals – to join our efforts in helping Ukrainian children, orphanages and hospitals. Don’t hesitate to email us at info@brightkidscharity.com if you want to know more about our work. We are a responsible and responsive grassroots charity, and our mission is to raise awareness that every life matters; your help counts.

NB: We take our reporting seriously; we provide individual reports to our corporate donors and post our regular consolidated reports here. You can see what we have accomplished with your help and understand more about the families and institutions we support by following us on IG & FB @brightkidscharity.


Before the war, BKC worked to fill gaps in social welfare for children residing in institutional care, children with disabilities and their families:

Healthy Life 

As Ukraine lacks adequate government funding for its most vulnerable people, children who require medical treatments often don’t receive proper support from the state.

Bright Kids is working to ensure that more Ukrainian children, particularly children with disabilities, receive the necessary medical treatments and tests, such as MRI. We also ensure that our beneficiaries get essentials such as diapers, mobility aids and high-nutrition foods. Bright Kids strives to offer support for children who require funding for medical treatments or ongoing health support services through:

  • Creating awareness of various causes.
  • Raising and distributing funds so that more children can receive financial support to improve their health and quality of life.

To help our little beneficiaries, please support one of the fundraisers below: 

Helping Ukrainian children with disabilities.

Or you can support our charity by clicking here. 

Support Orphans 

In Ukraine, there are more than 106,000 children living in orphanages and residential institutions. These institutions’ younger residents need help with the basics, as the Ukrainian government system does not cover their needs to a sufficient level. We provide support to orphanages by distributing clothing, shoes and other necessities, such as household cleaning supplies, diapers and stationery.

Also, due to insufficient state funding, orphanages do not have the means to do the necessary building and grounds repair works. That means that the orphanages’ residents – children with special needs – have to live and study in dismal conditions. We help orphanages purchase the materials and equipment essential to maintain the schools in good repair.

We also help orphanages raise funds to purchase professional tools needed for introductory professional education. Unfortunately, due to reduced government funding, schools cannot buy the necessary equipment for practical lessons, such as computing equipment, hairdressing tools etc.

If you want to support a specific project dedicated to Ukrainian orphanages, please choose the project below:

Help to make reno at the Dovbysh orphanage.

Support for orphans with disabilities. 

Care and assistance for children with disabilities.

Or you can support Bright Kids Charity with a donation here.

Future Professions 

Vulnerable persons do not have the same opportunities as others, more fortunate groups in society. We strive to reduce inequality and create opportunities for graduates who grew up in orphanages, as well as mothers of children with disabilities and from low-income families. 

We offer support to people who are most in need to complete an education course or acquire a profession. We also help vulnerable persons to launch and run their businesses by purchasing professional equipment, tools, or raw materials. We also help moms of children with disabilities learn special massage therapy so that they could help their children. 

We aim to help people begin a new life, develop their self-confidence and become financially independent.

To help create opportunities for those in need, please choose one of the fundraisers below:

Creating Opportunities for Disadvantaged Moms

You can also make a donation through our How you can help page.

Develop Your Own Project

We encourage volunteers in Ukraine to join the Bright Kids team by submitting their own project proposal. We are ready to give our guidance and provide financial support. The projects need to be coherent with the goals of our foundation – to provide children with an education and to offer activities that enhance their opportunities for a better future! If you are interested please send your inquiry to info@brightkidscharity.com

Safeguarding Policy

Learn more about how our programs and lessons have made a difference at Counting Success. 

Every life matters. Your help counts.