We would like to invite any business leaders wanting to support Ukrainian children to join our community of business supporters. Bright Kids Charity promises that: 

  • we have low administration costs and more than 90 per cent of donations go directly to projects
  • we are approachable 
  • we provide reports on how your donation is spent 
  • we provide effective and practical help to our beneficiaries – we don’t have people shuffling papers in an office and hosting countless meetings. We identify where we can provide help and execute projects.

Please help us keep conversations about Ukraine and Ukrainian children in need circulating. If someone asks you, ‘but, what can I do?’, direct them to Bright Kids Charity, an approachable and transparent grassroots charity that provides practical help. We are always happy to answer any questions, and we welcome new donors, be they individuals or businesses alike. Thank you for standing with Ukraine.

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