by Natalie Blinder.
Did you know that Ukraine has not implemented 67% of the leading judgments made by the European Court of Human Rights over the last 10 years? There could be multiple reasons for this; but as Ukrainians, we can work towards solutions. What can we all do better the human rights record in Ukraine?

1) Support children and their families who are in need.
It is no secret that socioeconomics plays a part in people making sometimes poor life choices. The links between poverty and desperate acts have been proven time and again – empirically and evidently.
Providing economic relief in the form of food, shelter, clothing and education proves to be of benefit for entire impoverished communities.

2) Lead by example.
Bright Kids wants to set a good example to young Ukrainians, who are the future of our country.
Our principles include taking personal responsibility, contributing to the common good, thinking about your community, helping one another, and being empathetic towards others, are but a few of the ways that we want to lead young people towards creating a connected and caring future.

3) We are working on developing a human rights project to benefit Ukrainian children and their families.
It is a big undertaking, but we are reassured that by creating awareness about human rights (your rights) and enhancing people’s knowledge, we will all benefit in the years to come.

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