In the meanwhile, the survival mode is on in Ukraine. This is Sasha Lapin, a boy with cerebral palsy, getting his rehabilitation treatment. Such treatment allows children with cerebral palsy to improve their functionality, strength, and endurance. It helps to reduce pain.

Our foundation donated 8,000.00 hryvnias (US$ 291) towards his course. The costs for rehabilitation courses vary depending on the specific needs of the child, but they average between US$500-US$1,000, with the need for such treatments recurring several times a year.
The average salary in Ukraine is US$ 420 and a pension for a child with a disability could be as little as $120. There is no way the average family (and often it is a single mom!) can afford it. But they also can not contemplate their child living in pain. Usually, their parents dedicate all their time and efforts to raise funds for the next treatment. Again and again.
Our effort to help children with disabilities and their mothers have an important function; the realisation of fundamental human rights. Ukraine’s Soviet past and the current ongoing conflict in Donbas mask Ukraine’s political awakening. In the absence of proper government support for Ukraine’s most vulnerable people, charities, NGOs and activists have had to step in and contribute to the realization of human rights, the basis of a democratic society. We want change, and we make those changes happen. 
If you want to help our grassroots charity to cover the needs of Ukrainian children with disabilities, we would be happy to accept your kind donation.
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