An inspiring story of support and kindness
We are extremely proud of the mothers of children with disabilities that we support, and we want to take this opportunity to share with you the stories of two successful women who have become entrepreneurs.
Yana is a single mother of a child with a disability. She recently took the plunge to start a new life. With a little help from you and Bright Kids, she enrolled in and completed a course in hairdressing and also purchased a hairdressing cabinet (a table with a mirror and a sink) to kick start her career.
Olga is a mother of two children, one of whom has a disability. Olga has taken action to generate an income to support her family. She crafts soap to earn a little extra to provide for her family.
Both women juggle their responsibilities as mothers and professionals.
The miserly government funding given to support their children is not nearly enough to cover the costs of essential treatments, much less basic daily essentials. So Yana and Olga need to work. However, starting such ventures costs money too.
With the support of a kind-hearted person, help has arrived. Erica donated €200 to support our Future Professions project!
With this donation, Yana was given the funds to purchase tools, such as scissors, brushes, a hairdresser’s bag, and deep conditioning hair treatment. Yana is now working as a hairdresser and building a loyal clientele! Her work is essential to support her family. Olga was given the funds to purchase the raw materials she needs to craft soap, and develop a small business. Her sales have provided the additional income her family needs to survive.
This generous donation has not only given these women the materials they need but the encouragement they need to launch their careers! We want to extend a big thank you to Erica for supporting small ventures of mothers of children with disabilities and for helping them to lay the foundations for an independent life for themselves and their children!


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