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A Word from the Bright Kids Community

The hospital’s administration would like to thank you (BKC) again for your help this year. The equipment provided is in use in the anesthesiology and intensive care unit, palliative care and orthopaedics and traumatology departments. However, ensuring the provision of necessary supplies and equipment remains an issue. We request your ongoing help to ensure the hospital can operate in accordance with modern healthcare protocols.

Feedback from Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital # 1 (2022)

The facility’s administration would like to convey our respect and appreciation for the donation of medical equipment, a busy board for children, and bean bag chairs by BKC in 2022. We are confident that our collaboration will continue and look forward to further deepening our relationship for the benefit of the residents of the Rzhyshchiv community.

Feedback from the Rzhyshchiv medical centre of primary health care in Kyiv Oblast (2022)

I want to express my gratitude to Bright Kids Charity and everyone for helping during such a difficult time. I never thought I would ask for help, but life got in the way. The money [the one-time financial help of UAH 3000] was spent mainly on food. Now, I can bake pies for my children for an entire month! I don’t have parents or a support network – thank you very much for your help from the bottom of my heart! Wishing peace to all of us! 

Feedback from Olga S. (2023)

Thank you for your attention to the challenges of the institution and for providing charitable help on an ongoing basis. Thanks to you, we have been able to solve the most urgent issues related to the living and studying conditions of the pupils. We greatly value your support and consideration. 

Feedback from the Kmytiv specialised boarding school (orphanage) (2022)

We are infinitely grateful to BKC for helping our child. [With our one-time financial help of UAH 3000] [w]e bought the medicines our child needs the most. Thank you very much; without your help, we would not have been able to purchase them. Thank you so much. Stay safe. 

Feedback from Tetiana P. (2022)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Bright Kids Charity for the kind attention and support for families with children living in the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region. We appreciate your kindness during this difficult time. We believe that every good deed brings us closer to our Victory. 

Feedback from the Fund for Assistance to Victims of Violence (Kharkiv) (2022)

I cannot find the words to express my emotions. I am sincerely grateful(Valentina runs a small business producing wooden exercise balance boards for children. We purchased some necessary materials and a woodworking router for Valentina, as she could not afford to buy them)

Feedback from Valentina (2023)

We want to express our gratitude to BKC for providing charitable assistance to ensure comfortable living conditions for severely disabled pupils of the institution. Thank you for your love, consideration and kind attention to the children.

Feedback from the Znamyanskii orphanage for disabled children (2022)

Daryna and Nastia are sisters, but they are very different. Daryna is a gentle and calm girl; she likes drawing and playing the piano. Looking to the Future, Daryna wants to realise her creative potential. In contrast, Nastia has a lot of energy and many different interests. She likes singing, dreams of performing on a big stage and wants to travel to the USA. The girl’s mother works long days to provide for the family. Therefore, spending time in a supportive environment and socialising with other children is essential for Daryna and Nastia. The centre’s teachers and psychologists provide Daryna, Nastia, and other children with a support system that encourages them to set and work toward goals. They support Daryna and Nastia in identifying and nurturing their talents and interests. When conflicts arise between the sisters, they help them resolve those issues in a respectful and peaceful way.

Feedback from Trochy Vognju on our Education in Emergencies project in partnership with Street Child UK (2022)

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