Community Response

A Word from the Bright Kids Community

At the beginning of this year, ten kids- 9th and 8th graders from the Dovbysh Orphanage- enjoyed a wonderful four-day winter holiday at Smerekovyi Kamin in Zakarpattya. The holiday in Zakarpattya was fabulous! Five Bright Kids volunteers – Harry, Yuriy, Lyalya, Elena and Mila – made the children’s stay unforgettable. The children enjoyed outdoor activities such as ice sledging, skiing and hiking. They also participated in interesting master-classes such as massage techniques and yoga, as well as exercise training and other games. We wish to thank the Bright Kids volunteers for their generoristy in sharing their knowledge, skills, kindness and warmth with us. We look forward to our next meeting.

Feedback from the Dovbysh Orphanage, our partner, on a Trip Organized for their Students in January (14/01/2019)

I, mother of very sick daughter Daryna Vyshnyakova, would like to sincerely thank Bright Kids Charity from all my heart for helping us with diapers for my special daughter. Thank you very much, this help is important for us. “A helping hand, stretched out in a difficult moment, will be remembered for a lifetime.” My best wishes to you!

Feedback from Tatiana Vyshnyakova, mother of 5 y.o. Daryna (April, 2019)

This working week started nicely! The pandemic has blocked the work of many companies and small businesses. But despite this difficult time, there are people who help. We are grateful to Bright Kids Charity for the help you had provided to our orphanage. It is really important for us to know and feel the support of our friends! We wish your organization further success in your noble cause!

Feedback from the Sun orphanage from Zaporizhia (April, 2020)

We thank Bright Kids Charity, namely Natalie Blinder and Olga Kuz, for paying for my son Arthur’s 30th physical rehabilitation course at Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets starting from 16.09.19 to 27.09.19 . We are infinitely grateful to all who help and support us. I thank everyone for not leaving me alone with the problems and for believing in me and my son!

Feedback from Natalia Kulachkovska, mother of 10 y.o. Arthur (July, 2019)

I have a strong desire to see our country develop in many ways. Our children are our future and they have the potential to implement change.
I think it is great that such a cool project like Bright Kids has been launched and that I can participate in it. I like helping, and hosting creative master-classes for kids is one way I can contribute.
I really enjoy seeing how the kids grow and develop, and I like to see them grow happier. I wish every child had the opportunity to experience a full childhood and imagine a real future for their adulthood.
I will continue to contribute to this project as much as I can.

Feedback from volunteer Olga Soboleva (Regular Visits project participant) (19/03/2019)

I have always wanted to support kids who are living without parents and share my time with them, hopefully, to teach them to believe in themselves. I finally was finally given that opportunity when I met Bright Kids Director Mila Brant.
Volunteering with Bright Kids I have the opportunity to work with children on a regular basis and to be a part of a team of sincere people with big hears. Each of our visits (to orphanages) is a touching experience. I want to offer my sincere thanks to Mila Brant and Natalie Blinder for launching this project, which changes the lives of children and volunteers.

Feedback from Bright Kids volunteer Nata Kolomoets (Regular Visits project participant) (25/03/2019)

 Why do I participate in charitable projects?
Sometimes, I just want to say ‘just because’ – but ‘just because’ of who if not us?
Why should all responsibility be placed with our government?
Why not help if I can?
I was taught that everyone can help, and people can make miracles happen. So I do what I can, like helping with website translation (for Bright Kids), or helping orphanages collect clothing or buying gifts for children in need on St Nicolas’ Day.
Thank you for offering me and others the chance to be helpful.

Feedback from volunteer Natalie Romanschak, who helped us with translations in Russian and Ukrainian for our website (28/03/2019)

I would like to personally thank you for helping us set up our speedy internet service, which we needed so much. It is a pleasure to see the smiling faces of our children. The IT specialist also repaired six of our laptops – and now they work better. To cut it short, super work! Thank you!

Feedback from Valentina, teacher of informatics at the Dovbysh orphanage (1/04/2019)

Dear friends,
I would like to share my story about how I became involved with Bright Kids Charity. These are people with big hearts, who make this world a kinder and more beautiful place.
I am the eldest daughter in a large family. Growing up, I started searching for answers to questions, such as ‘How does our world work?’ I knew even then that there must be something more to life than just routine; sleeping, eating, drinking, and working.
One day my close friend, Mila Brant, invited me to visit an orphanage in Dovbysh. I got to know the children and I loved them dearly. This is how I became a team member of the Bright Kids volunteer team.
The charity is incredible. Bright Kids have organized so many great projects – a trip to the Carpathian Mountains, New Year events with gifts, theatrical performances, master-classes offered on a regular basis, hairdressing services, visits, yoga classes, English-language classes; the list goes on.
Behind the scenes, the charity supports orphanages to help solve different issues.
I am pleased to volunteer with Bright Kids and I hope people continue to be inspired to volunteer and support Bright Kids.

Feedback from volunteer Yulia Slabinska, Regular Visits project participant, Future Professions project coordinator (18/03/2019)

We would also like to thank you – our family received a computer from your foundation. I feel happy when I see my children playing educational computer games or watching cartoons.

Feedback from Natalia Shelvinskaya, a mother of 5 children (June, 2019)

Thank you for the opportunity you offered to my two eldest children yesterday.
Maia and Lyuba, along with other kids from an orphanage, visited Kidlandia (a children’s gaming complex of professions in Kyiv). They ‘tried’ many professions, participated in a burger-making master-class and spent time talking with other children. They really enjoyed the day. You guys are great. Mila, I admire you and your team, who are doing something really important and kind by offering kids these experiences which they otherwise would not have. 

Feedback from Anastasia, a mother of four children (27/03/2019)

I am grateful to Mila, Natalie, and their team for creating an organization where everyone can express themselves in the way they want, and which allows people to follow their heart.
As a Bright Kids volunteer, you have the opportunity to share love and kindness with those in need.
Thank you for giving us the chance to share, and wishing Bright Kids all the best for a successful future.

Feedback from volunteer and professional photographer, Zhanna Golub (25/03/2019)

Thanks to Bright Kids Charity I had the opportunity to make my project a reality. Thanks for believing in and supporting our kids!

Feedback from volunteer Natalia Grin (21/03/2019)

Thank you very much Bright Kids. We were lacking half of the amount needed to pay for a physical rehabilitation course for Diana, and so we were not sure we could make it, that is when Natalie wrote to me saying that the foundation is ready to help. Your help and support are priceless. Thank you for this opportunity. Every mother wants a happy childhood for her baby, thank you from all our family for offering such opportunity. Thank you for being there.

Feedback from Irina Kovalenko, mother of 2 y.o. Diana (July, 2019)

I am happy to be a Bright Kids team member. The team brings together proactive people who want to share their time, skills, knowledge, as well as respect and concern for children. The children always look forward to and preparing for our visits. They are not afraid to share their thoughts on classes or tell us what is interesting about the activities we offer. We are always eager to know what the kids want, and the Bright Kids team is attentive to the kids’ interests, putting effort into further developing activities and classes for the kids. Because the relationship between Bright Kids Charity and the orphanages they support is so strong, some of the kids have been allowed on adult-accompanied visits to Kyiv. The number of volunteers joining Bright Kids is growing. Many of the volunteers are eager for our next orphanage visit. It is a pleasure to be a part of a big family.

Feedback from volunteer Tatyana Tsaryuk, Regular Visits project participant (18/03/2019)