By Natalie Blinder. Bright Kids positions itself as a modern and responsible charity with English and Ukrainian languages used to ensure that we can connect with as many people as possible. We want to inform more people from outside Ukraine about the strain on the social welfare system and how this affects the vulnerable. Last year, one of our goals was to find a financial institution willing to offer payments services so that we could accept donations from generous donors around the world. However, we were heartbroken time and again as international financial institutions refused to work with us based on the fact that ours is a Ukraine-based charity. We cannot accept donations via PayPal or international credit cards. We cannot create a GoFundMe page or Facebook fundraiser. SWIFT payments are our only option so far. Despite the message from international organisations that all people are equal, Ukrainians remain in a difficult limbo, trapped between a powerful neighbour and economic constraints. Ukrainian children are like all children; they wish to play games, eat when hungry and feel comforted when unwell. We are told that they have an equal right to life, to dignity, to respect. They should have the right to receive the support of donors from outside Ukrainian. The longstanding prejudice against Ukraine from financial institutions and other international powers is harmful to the everyday people who are struggling under the pressures of economic strain. Our goal is to help as many children in Ukraine as resources will allow. We want to create a charity that elevates children who are devastated by poverty. We can only do this with your help, and that is why we are appealing for your help. If you or anyone you know can help Bright Kids Charity with kind donations or would be interested in partnering with us, please email

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