It was a wonderful spring day when students from the Dovbysh orphanage (Zhytomyr Oblast) arrived at the capital to spend the day.

We started by visiting a theater. Some kids had never been to the theater before. As a creative person, I am convinced that we need more of such cultural programs because the theater is not just a leisure activity, but it is also a form of education. That is why I am preparing a small master-class to tell kids about this shrine – the theater; who works there, how theatrical performances are created, and where to study to become an actor. This time, we were invited by Kyiv Academic Theater on Lypky (Театр на Липках) to watch “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, a funny yet edifying play. ‘Where to eat?’ – when you organize a trip like that, you need to take care of this question in advance. We thank cafe Kupidon (Кнайп-кафе “Купідон”) for the yummy lunch! Finally, we walked to the city. On the 18th of May, International Museum Day is celebrated worldwide, so we took the kids to visit these beautiful historical monuments – the Golden Gate and The National Sanctuary Complex “Sophia of Kyiv”. And, of course, Kyiv’s famous cat (Monument to the Cat Panteleimon), Ravens (Dviz z Krukamy) and other must-visit places were included in our program.
Happy and tired, having enjoyed ice-cream on Khreschatyk (Kyiv’s main street), the kids returned home.
Such trips are important for kids living in orphanages. It gives them the possibility to see new things, explore the city and just relax!
We thank everyone who helped to make this trip happen.


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