Dear friends, we are happy to share that from September to November, we have provided much-needed help worth UAH 2189288.98 (USD 59868) to vulnerable children, orphanages and hospitals. 

Your generosity is making a difference for children in Ukraine. Consider Oksana Zakharchenko from Kharkiv and her son Zhenia, a child with disabilities. At the beginning of the war, their house had been destroyed during an attack, and Oksana learnt about it by seeing pictures of the rubble on social media. The mother and son fled Kharkiv on the day the war started following huge explosions in the city. They left wearing the same clothes — they were in their pyjamas. It has been extremely difficult for the family to make ends meet. Oksana shared she struggled to buy food. As part of our Crisis Response Project, the family received emergency cash assistance of UAH 3000 (< EUR 100) to purchase essentials. 

Our organisation receives numerous requests for help from people in dire need. Your choice to support BKC’s work enables us to help families like Oksana’s. We are very grateful! Thank you for standing with Ukraine! 


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