Thank you Yan Tian (01/09/2019)

Yan Tian donated 31,000 hryvnias (US$1,240.00) to Bright Kids Charity.
Yan Tian, the founder of Yan Tian’s Meditation studio, which is located in Kyiv, turned his birthday into a fundraising event to support a good cause. The donations were then transferred to our foundation to help orphanage graduates prepare for the new academic year.
We purchased clothes, stationery, and paid for dormitory accommodation. We also bought various fruits for 90 children staying at a children’s center.
We thank Yan Tian for supporting our foundation!


Bright Kids Visits an Orphanage in Kyiv (8/09/2019)

On September 8th, our team visited a family-type orphanage in Pechersk, Kyiv. Eleven kids live in the orphanage under the guardianship of Valentyna Vovk, the orphanage director, or ‘mama’ as the children call her.
This time, 3 volunteers joined the trip. The kids enjoyed a massage therapy session with Elena Berezhnaya, had a painting class with Yulia Dubanych and learned to draw mehndi designs with Natali Lysytsia.
We also brought some clothes, textbooks and yummy treats for the kids.
We thank Valentyna for the warm reception and our volunteers for their participation!



Bright Kids Purchases Stationery for an Orphanage

Bright Kids purchased 5,108 hryvnias (US$206) of stationery for an orphanage in Babanka, a township in Cherkas’ka Obl., Ukraine.
The new school year has begun, so orphanages are in need of stationery for their students.
The Babanka orphanage, which is about 200km from Kyiv, is one of our new partners. It has 86 students who are in constant need of clothing, shoes and stationery.
We are organizing a trip to the orphanage and collecting shoes and clothing for the kids.
By donating to Bright Kids Charity, you are helping Ukrainian kids who study and live in orphanages, so that they also have a chance for a bright future.
Contact us today!


A Slime Master-Class for Kids (15/09/2019)

Bright Kids Projects Coordinator Yulia Slabinskaya organized a ‘Magical Slime’ master-class for 9 children, 4 of whom came from the Special Children’s Center.
All the children played and enjoyed the activity together. It is important that all kids have the opportunity to enjoy games and activities. We would like to host more fun projects and games, which are vital to children’s emotional development and sense of curiosity.
Thanks to Anna Horoshko, Admin Aurum Soul Club and the Special Children’s Center.


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