2023 went by very fast. It was a challenging year for Ukraine, with millions of people suffering the consequences of the ongoing war. For our team, 2023 was a productive year, which had certain difficulties but was also filled with aspirations for new beginnings. We are entering the new year with the hope that this one will be better for everyone. 

We wanted to thank Poki (Netherlands), Carwow (UK), MBP Solutions (Switzerland), Bourne Nursery (Tonbridge, UK), Glencore (Switzerland), and GlobalGiving (USA) for their donations and support. We also want to thank all the kind-hearted individuals around the world who supported our work in 2023. Thank you for making the lives of our beneficiaries a little brighter and more positive. Your generosity has helped us serve vulnerable children and mothers in Ukraine and the institutions that support them. We’re truly grateful.

We are happy to share our update on BKC’s activities from October to December and a summary for 2023. 

For the past three months period, the charitable activities amounted to UAH 1,619,800 (USD 42,646). During this period, we concentrated our efforts on launching our children’s centre in Myrhorod, Poltava Oblast – an initiative supported by GlobalGiving. In this centre, children who have been forcibly displaced, those coming from economically struggling families and children with disabilities can spend quality time socialising with their peers and receiving psychological and educational support in a friendly environment. Daily life in Myrhorod has been very challenging for its residents due to constant safety threats from rocket strikes and shelling. As attacks continue, the children have to hide in the bomb shelter nearly every day. Air radar sirens often go off several times a day, meaning that the children and teachers must rush to the bomb shelter and wait for the danger to pass. It has been especially tough for the children. Despite these and other difficulties, the Myrhorod team is doing its best to ensure that our little beneficiaries feel supported and encouraged every step of the way. We would like to thank our donors from Norway, Geir Magne and his team, for helping insulate the bomb shelter and making it more comfortable for the children. Also, we wish to thank Kuehne+Nagel Ukraine for making this holiday season a little happier for our pupils with warm blankets, treats, and arts and crafts supplies. As part of our project with GlobalGiving, we continue to support the work of our partners, Fire Up!, Volunteer League, and Caritas Poltava, all of whom provide safe spaces in underfunded areas of Ukraine. 

From October to December, BKC also helped children with disabilities attend physiotherapy treatments and provided food, hygiene, and cleaning product packages for 88 families with children in Myrhorod and Kharkiv. Bright Kids also purchased professional supplies for an entrepreneurial mum of a disabled child who is doing her best to earn an income to support her child during the war. 

In total, in 2023, thanks to your assistance we provided help to: 

More than 1,300 conflict-affected children. 

4 mothers of children with disabilities. 

4 childcare institutions, and 

4 children’s hospitals and medical facilities.   

Our total donations were divided as follows:

Total income: UAH 9,148,941  

Charitable Activities & Associated Costs: UAH 7,225,783

Administrative Expenses: UAH 654,764  (<10%) 

Other Expenses: UAH 9,125

Total expenditure: UAH 7,889,672

Please consider endorsing our grassroots charity again in 2024. Your support helps us tremendously. Your donation ensures we can offer long-term assistance to those children, families, and institutions dependent on BKC. As the war drags on, more and more families in despair approach us for help; in the new year, we are hoping to continue providing support on the same scale  – to keep the doors of our centre open, to help forcibly displaced and disabled children with essentials products, treatments and more and to support orphanages and children’s hospitals. In addition, we would love to expand the provision of psychological support in disadvantaged communities as there is so much need for mental health support services among conflict-affected families. The number of requests for help significantly outweighs our abilities, and we would be very grateful for your help on the individual or corporate level. Your endorsement will help us ensure no child is left behind because every life matters. Your help counts. 


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