Bright Kids Donates to a Treatment Course (02/10/2019)

Bright Kids donated 14,480 hryvnias (US$583) towards a rehabilitation course for Maria Barkanova from Mariupol’ (Donetsk Oblast’).
Seven-year-old Maria needs constant care and regular treatments. She was born with spastic tetraparesis and has developmental delay.
Her course is to take place in ‘Rostok Zhyttya’ rehabilitation center, Harkiv, from November 28 till December 7.
Bright Kids aims to help more Ukrainian children with diagnoses similar to Maria’s, but we need your help. Any small contribution makes the life of a child in need brighter.



Bright Kids Donates an Inhaler (04/10/2019)

Daryna Vyshnyakova, a 5-year-old from Cherkasy, has received a much-needed inhaler.
Daryna, who was born with cerebral palsy, is one of the children supported by your donations made to Bright Kids.
Every child Bright Kids supports has their own story, but they have one thing in common; their families and guardians are fighting unfortunate circumstances trying to provide for children.
By donating to Bright Kids, you help Ukrainian children like Daryna have a better future.
Your help counts. Email us today!



A visit to the Dovbysh orphanage (05/10/2019)



Bright Kids Donates Towards a Treatment (07/10/2019)

Bright Kids contributed 8,000 hryvnias (US$325.30) towards the cost of a rehabilitation program for Karina Bratishko.
Four-year-old Karina, who lives in Kharkiv Oblast’, was born with cerebral palsy and needs regular treatments. Her mother, Vera, approached us for help as the family don’t have the financial means to pay for Karina’s costly treatments.
By donating to Bright Kids, you support Ukrainian children like Karina have a better future.
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