The beginning of the war in Ukraine marked a busy time for the BKC team. With our donors’ support, we can respond to numerous requests for help; we feel fortunate to be able to help and stay productive in this challenging time for Ukraine. We are an approachable, responsible and responsive grassroots charity whose aim is to help Ukrainian children affected by the war. The following is our consolidated report for May. We delivered charitable help worth UAH 4,132,538.62 (USD140,000) for the month. These are the projects we achieved thanks to your generous donations: 

We have helped 76 families with disabled children and low-income families by providing UAH 3000 per household to purchase essentials. Some of these families live in contact zones, others were forcibly displaced due to the war, and many are single moms. We also helped children access remedial treatments and provided other charitable support at the family’s request. 

We supported moms of disabled children by purchasing essential items – such as hairdressing tools – to run their small businesses, so they can earn money to feed their families. 

We have helped: Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital # 1, the Rzhyshchiv medical centre of primary health care from Kyiv Oblast,  a children’s hospital in Oleksandriaa hospital in Ternopil Oblast, the Center for Primary Health Care in Bucha and its surrounding areas, and the City Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital of the Mother and Child n.a. Rudnev in Dnipro. We have provided supplies, tools and equipment to all of these facilities.

We assisted an orphanage in Kirovograd Oblast that cares for disabled children who have been rejected by their parents and a specialised institution for orphans and children from low-income families in Berezhany

We provided humanitarian aid to families in dire situations trapped in besieged areas, such as Kherson, and contact zones in Kharkiv and its surrounding areas. The institutions we’ve helped include the Zarady Zhyttia Foundation, the Kharkiv branch of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund for Assistance to Victims of Violence, and the Parish of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kharkiv. We have also helped a centre of psycho-sociological support for disabled children in Kyiv. 

All this was possible thanks to the support of our donors worldwide. 

In reality, the daily requests for help far outnumber our capacity to help. Our nation – and its most vulnerable people, such as disabled children and orphans – are suffering under the unjustifiable attack on a sovereign nation from its neighbour. We need your continued support and attention as this vicious war continues. We want to invite donors – businesses and individuals – to join our efforts in helping Ukrainian children affected by the war. We need your help providing for the children who are victimised by this war. We need your generous donations to provide for Ukraine’s most vulnerable families and children. What you’ve helped us do so far is remarkable, and we want to do more! 

*For more detailed and regular updates, please follow us on FB and Instagram at @brightkidscharity. 


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