This month has been very productive for Bright Kids.
We can now accept donations from international accounts! We are also registering Bright Kids on several crowdfunding platforms to increase our visibility, allowing more children to receive help.
This month we also started our Future Profession project aimed at helping mothers of children with disabilities and from low-income families to learn new skills. We have received several applications for assistance through this project.
Also this month, three children with disabilities were given 2,700 hryvnias (US$100) each to buy essentials.
Four-year-old Zlata Golodna from Sumy Oblast’ received an exercise stepper and mat.
Blokha Oleksandr from Donetsk Oblast’ received diapers, and Byushinina Mira received much-needed splints.
If you wish to make your help count, Bright Kids welcomes you into our team as a donor, partner or volunteer.
Email us today to know more!


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