Eco-boom by Natalia Green, Part 4 (07/05/2019)

On the 7th of May, students from the Velyki Sorochyntsi sanatorium orphanage (Poltava Oblast, Ukraine) learned to sort waste, something many of their families had already taught them.
The children were interested in discussing issues about landfill and the environment, and they shared their experiences.

They also learned about the Ploughing Championships, an event that includes cultivating the soil in preparation for sowing seeds. The kids were creative and enthusiastic in fulfilling their tasks.
We would like to thank Natalia and her team for designing and conducting this much-needed project.
We also thank lecturer Ekaterina Morskova for hosting an informative game on sorting waste.
Natalia believes that recycling should become a normal part of our lives so that we can make positive environmental changes, such as reducing the size of landfills and limiting pollution.


A Visit to Dovbysh (12/05/2019)

Every visit to the Dovbysh orphanage feels like meeting with friends with whom you are happy to spend time.
And this time we had new volunteers joining us!

Yuliia Shasylo conducted an outdoor exercise class, then we had a craft lesson in applique and pattern-making using small beads. Victoria Nekipelova hosted a drawing class, showing the kids how they could express their emotions through creativity and drawing.
The most popular class was gingerbread decorating, prepared the day before by Nata Kolomoets, Maryna Smoliy and her daughter Sasha. It was a huge success with all 60 pieces of gingerbread used for the class.
We would like to thank Victoria Nekipelova and Yurii Rakotsi for their help with transport, and Yurii’s daughter, Amerisis, for joining the trip and playing with the kids.
Also thank you to Olga Kuz, Tatiana Repa, and our photographer Zhanna Golub for your participation and involvement.


A feel-good story for the day (16/05/2019)

Bright Kids primarily supports educational projects, however, sometimes we make an exception.
This time, with the support of our main sponsor Spinwild Ltd., we helped 4-year-old Margo and her mother, Daria Korgavina, by contributing Ukrainian hryvnia (about €340 at the current exchange rate) to her medical bills for the treatment of her eye.
A few words about Daria – she definitely has a strong personality. Being a blind person, Daria does not give up and keeps on going – she actively participates in social life as a member of a Ukrainian public organization called which aims to help people with disabilities. She definitely is an inspiration to us!
At the moment, we are considering to carry out a project together!

We are wishing her little daughter Margo well!
We would like to thank our team for helping us financially and for your time and involvement – you make this world brighter!


A visit to the orphanage Perlynka (Pearl) (18/05/2019)

On the 18th of May, our team had an exciting but long trip to a new orphanage called Perlynka (Pearl) in Oleksandriia (Kirovohrad Oblast, central Ukraine). Our foundation was invited to the orphanage’s 20th anniversary celebrated on this day.
Bright Kids made a small contribution by gifting 3 new computers provided to Bright Kids by donors from Germany earlier this year. From now on, the orphanage will have their computer class!
We also brought clothes, books and food supplies for the kids.

Many alumni, donors, and friends came to the occasion with some of the former students shared the stories of their lives since graduation with us, which was very touching.
We were also happy to learn that in the past 20 years, about 60 kids have moved to the US and found their new families there!
We thank the orphanage managers, Igor Gaydysh and Aleksandr, for the invitation!
A big thank you to the team – Olga Kuz, Tatiana Repa and Yurii Rakotsi, who took us to the orphanage in his mini-bus!
Join our team to become a part of our future projects! Learn more by contacting us today.


A tour of Kyiv for Dovbysh Orphanage Students with Oksana Purik (18/05/2019)

Bright Kids is happy to support Oksana Purik’s project. She organized a trip to Kyiv for students from the Dovbysh orphanage which is 200km from the capital.
Oksana’s team led a tour around the city. The children were also welcomed at a theatre to watch a performance and were then treated to a yummy meal.
Volunteer Natalia Romanschak joined the event to spend some quality time with the kids. It was a day well-spent!
Thanks, girls! (read more about the project in a blog article). We strive to give more children smiles! 


A Soap Bubble Show by Mary Ivanchenko for Little Hospital Patients (19/05/2019)

On the 19th of May, our team visited children at an oncology unit with our talented volunteer and professional animator Mary Ivanchenko, who performed a soap bubble show.
We came to bring these kids some bright moments and share positive emotions that hospitals often lack.

All of us go through some difficulties and hardships in our lives, and they are not always justified or fair – especially when it comes to children fighting serious illnesses. Kids’ mothers also needed a small temporary distraction from the reality – sometimes they stay in hospitals besides their kids for months or even years.
Mary was able to bring smiles to the kids’ faces! We hope for the best for them and wish them well!

If you would like to organize a fun celebration and create unforgettable memories for your kids, we highly recommend Mary’s services (to order an event, please visit Просто мрія. Організація дитячих свят).
Thank you Yulia Slabinska and Halina for joining the trip!



A Photo Report: Life through the Eyes of an Orphanage (26/05/2019)

The ‘Life through the Eyes of an Orphanage’ photography exhibition was held in Kyiv on May 26th. The event was organized by our volunteer and professional photographer Zhanna Golub, with the aim of raising funds to equip graduates from the Dovbysh orphanage with mobile phones.

As these young adults leave the orphanage at just 15 -16 years old, they face new challenges and obstacles. They, just like every one of us, want to be part of this world. They want to be understood, supported and encouraged. The exhibition raised the amount needed and the mobile phones will be gifted to graduates at their prom. We are positive that the devices will help the graduates to pursue their studies and build on their success.

We thank our team of volunteers and our main sponsor for their help in organizing the event. A big thank you to everyone who made donations for this good cause! We wish the Dovbysh orphanage graduates all the best!



Bright Kids Gift a Computer to a Family from SOS Children’s Villages (25/05/2019)

Earlier this month, Bright Kids visited a large family living in SOS Children’s Villages, Brovary, Ukraine. SOS is a humanitarian organization which takes care of children in need and protects their interests and rights around the world.

Bright Kids gifted the family a computer which was provided by donors in Germany. Natalia Shelvinskaya and her husband have two biological children and three adopted children (all boys) and are in the process of adopting another three boys, meaning this will be a family of eight children.

The kids are being raised in a warm family home and they have all that they need, however, we are certain that the computer will be a useful addition and will help the kids with their studies. We also gifted them with some English-language study books. Volunteer Yulia Slabinska also joined the trip and hosted her soap-making master-class, which everyone enjoyed.

We wish this family well and hope to hear from them soon!


Bright Kids Supports Graduates from Valentyna Vovk’s Orphanage (30/05/2019)

Bright Kids made a contribution of 2,700 Ukrainian Hryvnia (US$100 at the current exchange rate) to support graduates from Valentyna Vovk’s orphanage (Kyiv). The students need clothes, shoes and other necessities to start their new life. We believe that they will succeed in collecting the amount needed – many a little makes a mickle.
We always have ongoing projects and there is always someone in need. People ask us for support for different needs – clothes, shoes, medical, organization of recreational trips, etc. We are doing our best to cover those needs within our limitations.
Bright Kids encourages you to join us as a volunteer or donate today to make a difference.


The ‘Life by the eyes of an orphanage’ project by Zhanna Golub was a success! (31/05/2019)

Many people donated, and as a result, we collected the amount needed and purchased phones for graduates from the Dovbysh orphanage! We hope, it will help the kids in their endeavors!


Prom at the Dovbysh Orphanage (31/05/2019)

On May 31st, 12 graduates from the Dovbysh orphanage had their prom, and Bright Kids were invited to the celebration.
We had mixed feelings of joy and sadness as the children leave the school and head towards an unknown future.
To support their beginnings, we contributed 12,000 Hryvnia (US$449.88 at the current exchange rate) to a project organized by Olga Kuz who raised funds to provide the students with essentials required for daily life (clothes, shoes, linens, sets of dishes, towels, plates, etc.)
Olga and Yulia Slabinska made sure that the graduates had their prom clothes, and volunteers Vita Korzh, Yulia Slabinska, Yulia Batareikhina, and Zhanna Golub helped the girls with their makeup and hair-styles.
A big thank you to them for making this event beautiful and to Viktoria Nekipelova and Natalia Romanschak for coming along and sharing with kids the memorable moments!
We would also like to thank our main sponsor for supporting our projects!



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