Bright Kids Helps a Family in Need (16/03/2020)

Bright Kids has donated 2,700 hryvnias (US$100) to Alla Gedzyuk, who is a single mother so that she can purchase diapers for her daughter. Seven-year-old Anna was born with tetraparesis and she also has developmental issues. She requires constant care. Many families with children who have disabilities understandably experience financial constraints as their children require treatment, rehabilitation, constant care and medical supplies. By donating to Bright Kids charity, you are helping such families to live a dignified life.


Support for Teenager, Egor (20/03/2020) 

Bright Kids has financed Egor Kalinin, a teenager with cerebral palsy.
Egor lives to the fullest by staying active, taking part in various social events and just being a normal teenager, hanging out with friends.
The war in Donbas forced Egor and his mother, Irina, to relocate to Kyiv from Lugansk.
Irina is a single mother. Moving house has posed many challenges for her financially.
However, we are in the happy position to be able to offer support to families like Egor and Irina’s.
There are many more families who need our help; families with children in dire need of constant care.
Join us today and make your help count! PS: Egor purchased a chair, so his back can be supported while sitting; an orthopaedic pillow and medicine he needed. 


Bright Kids Donates Towards Rehabilitation Treatment (23/03/2020)

Bright Kids donated 2,700 hryvnias (US$95.52) towards rehabilitation treatments for 11-year-old Tovstopyat Kirill from Poltava Oblast’.
His mother, Irina, reached out to us. Due to financial difficulties, the family have to turn to charities for help paying for the care that Kirill needs.
The course is due to take place in the Rostok Zhittya centre in Kharkiv as soon as the coronavirus quarantine ends.
We wish Kirill well!
Email us to learn more about how you can make your help count.


Bright Kids Purchases Diapers (30/03/2020)

On the 30th of March, Bright Kids purchased 5996.88 hryvnias (US$215.75) of diapers for children living at the Sun orphanage in Zaporizhia. The diapers are to be delivered soon, and we look forward to sharing pictures of grateful carers and kids with you.
If you are willing to support our beneficiaries, you can message us!
You can also support our beneficiaries by donating to Bright Kids!
Every life matters, your help counts!



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