Bright Kids Attend an Event Dedicated to Unity at the Dovbysh Orphanage (01/03/2019)

Today our team attended a celebration at the Dovbysh orphanage dedicated to the concept of unity and harmony between students, orphanage administration and staff, as well as sponsors and volunteers. We enjoyed a concert with performances of songs, poetry, and dance prepared and performed by the children. The performances focused on sensitive subjects, such as family life and the role of parents, which are especially important to these children. We then had a tour of the orphanage. We saw the classrooms, and listened to stories about how the kids live, study and grow up here. We are grateful to the children and staff at Dovbysh orphanage for inviting us to this special event, and for their treatment of us, and our ongoing partnership. We are happy that we are able to play a role in shaping the lives of these kids. Thanks to all the team for joining us on this trip!


New Benches Installed at the Dovbysh Orphanage (04/03/2019)

“Bright Kids would like to thank its donors and sponsors for their generous support which has meant that eight new benches have been delivered and installed at Dovbysh orphanage.
We would like to thank our main sponsor for supporting our cause and particularly for assisting us in the purchase of this essential equipment.
The kids were very excited and happy because they now have a place to rest and play while outside in the courtyard.
The children and orphanage management team have assembled and installed the benches together – which is no small task – helping students and administrators develop teamwork skills.”


Bright Kids Creates Awareness During Festival (05/03/2019)

In the beginning of March 2019, Bright Kids visited the Art-Practic festival in Kyiv.

“Earlier this month, Bright Kids Charity was introduced to festival guests with our ‘charity counter.’ Informative materials about Bright Kids were made available to the public, and crafts made by some of the children Bright Kids supports were sold, with all proceeds returned to the children.
Thanks to the organizers, Elena Tatarina and Natalya Gladkova, for providing us with this opportunity.
We still have a small selection of hand-crafted gifts for sale to those who are searching for a unique gift or household treasure to brighten up the home.
We are looking forward to attending more such events in the future so that we can inform more people about the work we do and share our vision with others.
By expanding our network and our team we can implement more projects, and help more children.
If you know of any upcoming events that might be suitable or would like to invite us to your special event, please contact us.”


A Visit to an Orphanage in Kyiv (10/03/2019)

“Today, our team of volunteers paid a visit to an orphanage in Kyiv.
Volunteer Yuliia Slabinskaya hosted a soap-making master-class for the children, who really enjoyed the activity as you can see in our photo-report.
Children of all ages engaged with the activity, with some children making soap as gifts for their nearest and dearest, while other young entrepreneurs hatched a plan to open a small business selling their handcrafted soap.
We are grateful to our volunteers Nata Kolomoets, Marina Grigorova, and Alexandra Petrenko who joined the trip. Your involvement, time and attention were greatly appreciated.
A special thanks to orphanage Director Valentina Vovk – who is respectfully called ‘mother’ by the children due to the maternal role she fills in their lives – for welcoming us.
Valentina is like a mother. She lives with 12 children at the orphanage where she cares for them so that they have a clean and welcoming home, and they have the opportunity to grow to become responsible and courteous people. ”


Career Talk with Natalia Green – Part 1 (13/03/2019)

Bright Kids volunteer Natalia Green, with the assistance of Velyki Sorochyntsi Public Library (Poltava Oblast, Ukraine), today launched her project, Career Talks.
Natalia Green took the initiative to design the project, assemble a team of like-minded people and launch the project.
Career Talks is aimed at helping graduates who have grown up in orphanages choose a direction for furthering their studies.
On the 13th of March, representatives from several educational institutions and an employment center presented children from an orphanage in Sorotchintsy options for their future, outlining what studies and skills are necessary to enter into different fields of employment.
Today was the first of five presentations organized by Natalia Green and her team. We are very excited by this project and look forward to sharing more developments with you soon.
Well done Natalia and thank you to all those who contributed to this project.


Our Regular Visit to the Dovbysh Orphanage (15/03/2019)

On March 15th, we again visited the Dovbysh orphanage. Each time we visit time seems to fly by.
Two hairdressers joined us on the trip and gave the kids cool haircuts and styles. It was their first visit to the orphanage, and we welcome the ladies to the Bright Kids team and thank Oksana Purik for putting us in contact with each other.
Professional photographer Zhanna Golub launched her photography project, teaching the kids about photography and how it can open them to the creative process.
Professional cameraman Harrison Brant filmed the kids speaking their feelings, introducing them to a different way to express themselves.
Tatyana Tsaryuk and Anastasia Pavluk engaged the children in a creative master-class about communicating and being attentive.
We’d like to thank Olga Kuz for initiating and coordinating her own project helping graduates with clothing and shoes for their prom and other events.
We are also grateful to Yurii Rakotsi, Tatiana Repa, Mariia Niovaevna (the kids’ English teacher) for taking part in our projects.
Thanking Yurii Yatsenko and his company TOV “Arteri” for your help with transport.
Check out our special photo-report; most of the pictures were taken by the kids.


Career Talk with Natalia Green – Part 2 (20/03/2019)

On March 20th, Natalia Green presented the second instalment of her Career Talks in Velyki Sorochyntsi village (Poltava Oblast, Ukraine).
Students from the Velyki Sorochyntsi sanatorium orphanage learned how to introduce themselves at a job interview, did some skills tests, and shared their expectations from the training.
The Velyki Sorochyntsi Public Library, our partner in the project, welcomed our guests.
On behalf of the library, we would like to thank Oleg Turbaba, Natalia Lisitsa, Larisa Dovgal, Valentina Derevyanko and Yulia Radchenko for their commitment to this inspiring initiative.


Bright Kids Visit Kidlandia By Mila Brant (26/03/2019)

On the 26th of March, Yulia and I, for a little while, had the chance to be mother’s to 7 kids, all of whom were running in different directions.
We spent 3 hours in ‘Kidlandia’, a kids’ game complex of professions in Kyiv where children can participate in hundreds of different activities.
The complex is really interesting and looks like a real city with hairdressing saloons, a bank, a theatre, cafes, petrol stations, as well as firefighters, ambulances, and police vehicles all driving around.
Children can be TV-show host or TV-weather-forecaster, they can see themselves on screen or try live radio as a DJ. There is a lot of exciting stuff to try, which is interesting for adults too; we had a great time.
The most important the children learn at Kidlandia is how to earn and spend money, how to do accounting and make financial priorities, and how to save. All of our children had some savings left, which were put into the bank to accrue interest.
That is great that we’ve got such places for kids to learn about the world and that Bright Kids has the opportunity to organize such exciting and educational activities for those we support.
Thank you to our sponsors for the immense support you offer and for giving us the ability to making these projects happen.

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