Dear friends, we are excited to share with you the BKC consolidated report on what we have accomplished this summer, thanks to the help of our generous donors. The past six months have been challenging for Ukrainians. However, your generosity allowed us to provide help to some of those most in need. During the summer months, we fulfilled the following projects to a value of UAH2,789,567.09: 

  • Providing emergency cash assistance of UAH3,000 per family to buy groceries, high-nutrition food, diapers, medicines, cleaning products, and medical supplies for vulnerable families. Since February, 400 families have received this support. The project is ongoing. 
  • Providing medical aids and access to physical rehabilitation treatments for disabled children, prioritising the needs of those forcibly displaced or raised in single-parent households. 
  • Providing psychological support and informal education to vulnerable children in partnership with Street Child UK
  • Providing humanitarian aid to families trapped in besieged areas, such as Kherson, and to those living in contact zones in Kharkiv and surrounding areas. BKC do this in partnership with local organisations, including: 
  • Helping orphanages and specialised children’s educational institutions with teaching equipment. We have provided diapers, hygiene and cleaning products, and other essentials for disabled children in these institutions. We are currently acquiring other essential equipment on special request. 
  • BKC has responded to requests from hospitals struggling with a sudden influx of patients, mostly IDPs. Some of the hospitals we help treat the children of Ukrainian soldiers and others who have been traumatised by horrific events of the war. BKC has provided supplies, medical tools and specialist equipment to many facilities, including: 

We are proud to have reached so many generous donors that have given us the ability to say ‘yes’ to many requests for urgent help. We are grateful you have chosen our grassroots organisation to show support for Ukrainians. 

We aim to answer calls for help with real solutions. BKC is concentrating its efforts on providing help. We are proud to say that every BKC team member has shown great fortitude and commitment to our core values – every life matters, and your help counts – as you can see, together, we are reaching vulnerable families. For more regular reports, please check our FB & IG @brightkidscharity

The world is facing new challenges as inflation rises, trade stalls and tensions between nations dominate news headlines. You will be called upon by many to give generously to support others while managing your own challenges. BKC is one of those making a call for support. We aren’t that different from other grassroots charities, nor is our call more important than others. If you choose BKC as your charity to support, you are choosing to support:

  • Disabled children
  • Vulnerable families
  • Ukrainian workers (all BKC paid staff are Ukrainian)

Thank you for standing with Ukraine. Thank you for supporting BKC. 


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