Bright Kids supports graduates by contributing to the fundraiser (01/06/2019)

Bright Kids contributed 4000 Hryvnia ($US 148 at the current exchange rate) to support three graduates, wards of Marina Potupalo.
These kids are deprived of parental care, so Marina initiated the fundraiser to provide them with clothes and essentials required in daily life.
We are happy to pitch in for the good cause and hope everything works out in the best way for these kids!


“Though one grain fills not the sack, it helps”

Bright Kids bought diapers worth of 7000 Hryvnia (US$ 264 at the current exchange rate) for several children with cerebral palsy. Their parents are struggling to make their ends meet and were happy to receive the aid.

Mother of Daryna Vyshnyakova, one of the kids, wrote us these kind words: “A helping hand stretched out in a difficult moment will be remembered for life”. We also received thank you emails from mothers Oksana Myrkevich, Natalia Kulachkovskaya, and Alla Gedzyuk. Thank you, Olga Kuz, for this initiative!

Donate to support a child today!


Bring Kids contributes to a fundraiser for a 2-year-old Child (17/06/2019)

On June 17th, Bright Kids helped raise 10,000 Ukrainian hryvnias (US$377.22 at the current exchange rate) to go toward the purchase of a hearing aid for 2-year-old Vova, who is from Oster (Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine).
As of June 11th, the Skydan family had collected 54,000 hryvnias of the 109,000 hryvnias needed to purchase the device, said Vova’s mother Anna on her social media page.
We hope the family succeed and Vova receives his hearing aid soon! 


Bright Kids Enjoy a Seaside Adventure (23/06/2019) 

On June 23rd, 14 kids from the Dovbysh orphanage, including graduates and ninth graders, accompanied by their teacher Lilia Polukovskaya and a team of volunteers, went to Arabat Arrow on the Sea of Azov to enjoy a week of leisure, away from stressful situations that they often experience at home.
Recreational activities are important for the mental and physical wellbeing of all children, especially those from difficult backgrounds.
The teenagers swam and enjoyed the sea. They also learned teamwork and communication skills through play which is important for their cognitive and physical development.
We hope this trip uplifted the kids’ spirits making them more resilient to stress and challenges.
We wish to thank our main sponsor Spinwild and all the people who donated to make this project possible.


Bright Kids Visit a Water Park (27/06/2019)

A sunny day on the 27th of June was filled with positive energy and joy for 14 kids who visited a water park for the first time! The children were all smiles and had a great time. They spent a few hours playing in the water under the supervision of our volunteers.
Such activities are fun and provide health benefits. Free play is proven to have a therapeutic effect on children.
Thank you to everyone who made donations to make this experience possible!

Beach Clean Up! (28/06/2019) 

As the Bright Kids seaside adventure continued, the children decided to do a beach clean up!

Volunteer Natalia Romanshchak shared on her Facebook page that the kids were doing a:
Beach clean up!
Flashmob by kids from the Dovbysh orphanage.
They got so into the task that they managed to collect around 5 bags of litter in half an hour and they wanted to collect more.
‘Don’t be a litterbug! Keep your community clean!’
Thank you, kids! You are the best!


It is Important to Stay Active! (30/06/2019)

During their seaside trip, the kids followed their daily exercise routine by doing yoga, playing volleyball and massage.
The children also enjoyed a plank (an isometric core-strength exercise) competition on the beach organized by volunteer Natalia Kolomoets.
The winners, Valentin Matveichuk and Maxim Naumchuk, shared the prize money!



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