Things have been busy as always for Bright Kids. We have received a number of emails from foreign individuals living in Kyiv who wished to volunteer with us which is a great sign for it.

We appreciate the wish to be helpful to Ukrainian children through Bright Kids Charity. Although we would like to welcome volunteers at Bright Kids, as a precaution in light of COVID-19, our priorities are organising fundraising campaigns. 

Here is what we achieved from June to August 2021: 

In addition to the above, we are supporting mothers of children with disabilities: 

2 mothers learned a special massage technique to help relieve symptoms in their children with disabilities as well as 2 mothers received donations to help run their enterprise ventures. 

All of this was only possible due to our incredible donors! 

Thank you very much for helping our children and their mothers! 

If you wish to support our beneficiaries, you could do so by donating to one of our fundraising projects by clicking here or here. You could also make your generous donation here


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