3/07/2020 Kiril Hort, a child with cerebral palsy, received 2, 000.00 hryvnias to purchase his medicine and essentials. 

06/07/2020 Bright Kids paid 2, 940.00 for an educational course for Yana Sobol, the mother of Tymur Baglai, a boy with cerebral palsy. Yana hopes that new skills, which she will learn, will help her to earn an income to support her family. 

24/07/2020 – Bright Kids made a payment of 4, 298.65 hryvnias towards a diagnostic examination for little Victoria Chetvartak, a child with a disability. 

Every smile is different, every story is different. Every person in need deserves a chance. You can help Ukrainian children in need and their mothers realize their future. Email info@brightkidscharity.com today! 


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