Bright Kids Help with Diapers (10/07/19)

On the 1st of July, Bright Kids bought special diapers worth US$250 for Daryna Vyshnyakova and Arthur, children with cerebral palsy, at the request of their parents we had received a few days earlier. Happy to help!
We wish Daryna and Arthur well!


Your Help Counts

When you donate to Bright Kids Charity, you are supporting Ukrainian kids like Arthur, Daryna, Bodya and Anya access the healthcare services, treatments and products they need.


Bright Kids Receives Evening Dresses (15/07/2019)

On July 15th, Bright Kids received three evening dresses from Natalie, the director of ‘Madonna’, a women’s evening and bridal wear studio in Kyiv. The dresses are a gift to three young women who are from low-income families so that they can attend their special events in style.
Every woman wants to feel beautiful at a celebration, and these dresses will help boost the confidence of our three young women while attending their special events.
We hope that women will feel confident in these beautiful garments and that they enjoy their special occasions.



Bright Kids Donates to a Family in Need (22/07/2019)

Bright Kids has made a donation of 1,000 Ukranian hryvnias (US$39) to a family in need.
Earlier this year, 33-year-old Vadym Rudenko became a single dad of three small kids when his wife died.
A few days ago, Vadam was taken to the hospital emergency department where he was diagnosed as having meningitis. His relatives are raising funds to pay for the medical bills and provide for the children.
Every hryvnia counts.
We wish Vadym a speedy recovery!


Bright Kids Donates to Diana’s Physical Rehabilitation Therapy (24/07/2019)

On July 24th, Bright Kids Charity donated 13,300 Hryvnia (US$518.78) to 2-year-old Diana Kovalenko so that she could attend a physical rehabilitation course.
Diana, who is from Kryvyi Rih, has a motor and cognitive delay. Her family does not have the resources to pay for Diana’s much-needed physical therapy. On July 22nd, two days before the course was due to start, Diana’s mother, Irina Kovalenko, reached out to us for help. We were happy to help and we thank our sponsors for helping us to make this possible.
We hope that the ongoing physical therapy course will be beneficial for Diana’s health.


A photo-report from the first day of Diana’s rehabilitation course (24/07/2019)

Diana’s physical rehabilitation course started yesterday, and her mum Irina Kovalenko kindly shared with us these pictures. Bright Kids Charity hopes that this course helps Diana to improve her physical and mental health!


Bright Kids Donates to Anya’s Physical Rehabilitation Course (24/07/2019)

On July 24th, Bright Kids Charity made a donation of 15,000 Hryvnia (US$525.26) to 9-year-old Anya Myrkevych, who has a motor and cognitive delay, for the cost of her physical therapy treatments. The payment was made at the request of her mother, Oksana Myrkevych, which was received earlier this month. The course is due to start in September and we are eager to share stories of Anya’s progress with our readers when she begins her course. We thank our main sponsor. for making this donation possible! By donating to Bright Kids Charity you can help Ukrainian children in need. Contact us at and help a child today!


Bright Kids Donates Towards Treatment Course Costs (27/07/2019)

On July 27th, Bright Kids Charity donated 2,650 hryvnias (US$105) towards the costs of rehabilitation treatment for a child who has a vision impairment and developmental delays.
Natalia Keian, who is from Zaporizhzhia, is the mother of 7-year-old Aaron. She has been raising funds for her son’s treatment course, which will commence on August 3rd.
Kids with a similar diagnosis as Aaron normally need a few rounds of treatments per year. The treatments are very costly and families simply cannot afford the costs.
We try to step up and help as many families as we can to improve the health and prospects for their children. However, we need your help.
You can help by making a donation through SWIFT ( We are also working to accept credit card payments so that soon you can donate and help us support families and children in need.


Bright Kids Donates to a Large Family (27/07/2019)

On July 27th, Bright Kids donated 2,650 Hryvnia (US$105) to a family of 5 children, 3 of whom are adopted.
Mother and guardian, Tamara Kotenko, who lives in Zhytomyrs’ka Oblast’, is struggling to make ends meet as some of the children require medical treatments due to health complications.
We are happy to contribute and wish the Kotenko family well.
If you want to make a donation, it is possible through SWIFT (, and we are also working towards accepting credit card payments so that making donations and helping us support families and children in need will be easier.

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