Dear friends, we are happy to share a report on our activities from January through March 2023. For the past three months, charitable assistance and associated costs amounted to UAH 3,519,617.95. 

Our public sector has been experiencing severe long-term underfinancing. The situation is becoming much more dire as the war drags on. Our public sector heavily relies on charitable help to serve citizens. Families are trying to survive, orphanages are seeking additional resources to provide adequate conditions for children, and healthcare professionals are working in harsh conditions with inadequate resources. 

Each family and each institution we support is a worthy, deserving cause. For instance, one medical facility we support is the NICU of the Kirovohrad Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital. The hospital is the region’s major healthcare facility. Workers treat about 11,000 patients each year. The facility has 290 beds divided into 120 surgical, 110 somatic care, 40 infectious disease beds, and 20 pediatric care beds for premature and unwell newborns. There are 11 departments in the hospital, including the neonatal intensive care and anesthesiology and intensive care units. This is the only hospital in the region that can provide many specialised care treatments. We attempt to offer the NICU of the Kirovohrad Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital sustained, ongoing support. The hospital facility has many immediate and long-term needs, so doctors and nurses can provide newborns with effective and urgent medical care. 

If you wish to help Ukraine’s vulnerable families, orphanages and children’s hospitals, please get in touch with us via our email at or drop us a message on our FB or IG @brightkidscharity. We are a responsive and responsible grassroots charity with a proven record of project accomplishment. We are proud to be supported by many international donors. Your help counts. 


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