Here should have been a regular report on our fundraising activities for February, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the 24th has left our lives and work divided into ‘before the invasion’ and ‘since the invasion’. 

In a little over one month, our charity has received an unprecedented number of requests for help. However, we’ve also received many messages and offers to help from individuals and companies worldwide. 

We wanted to thank Carwow (UK), Poki (Netherlands), Lextralearning (UK), Refugee Protection International (USA), Street Child (UK), and GlobalGiving (USA) for their donations and support. 

We also want to thank the many individuals supporting us with beautiful initiatives. These initiatives include charity runs, organising charity raffles and events; people selling art pieces, handicrafts and baked goods; teachers giving online English lessons; children launching fundraisers, and media offering press coverage, all done to support Bright Kids Charity’s children in need. We have received tremendous support from so many wonderful people and their creative initiatives! A special thank you to Spiderman from Scotland, aka Dave Rope and his supporters, and Reina, also to Don’t Lose Hope (UK), and to each and every person who has helped us raise money and awareness.

While we like to thank individual donors on our Instagram for their specific help, this is our consolidated report on what Bright Kids Charity has been able to achieve since February 24th. 

In one month, with your support, we have: 

  • Donated funds of UAH3,000 (per family) to 77 families of children with disabilities so they could purchase essentials such as food, medicines and diapers. That is UAH231,000, or about GBP5,600. 
  • Improved the living and learning conditions at three orphanages by providing essential equipment such as an electric generator, a computer, a scanner, garden tools, cleaning products and materials for basic renovations coming to a total of UAH131,019.96 (GBP3,370). 
  • Purchased urgent medicines and supplies for a maternity hospital in Chernivtsy worth UAH26,190.99 (GBP674). This hospital is protecting many mums and newborns who have, at times, had to hide in the hospital’s bunker for safety. 
  • Purchased an auto refractometer – used to diagnose eye pathologies – worth UAH199,780 (GBP5,140), for a children’s hospital in Kyiv. 
  • Purchased a Huvitz Slit Lamp 5000 – used for ophthalmic diagnostics – worth UAH224,925 (GBP5,800) for a children’s hospital in Oleksandria. This hospital is attending to an increasing number of patients, many of whom are Internally Displaced Persons and requires additional equipment, which we expect to be delivered this week.  

We continue working on many other projects dedicated to helping children with disabilities, orphanages/specialised educational institutions, and children’s hospitals. For example, in the coming weeks, we are planning to purchase orthopaedic beds and mattresses for an orphanage that is home to children with disabilities. In addition, we are organising medicine and supplies for children’s hospitals, including an ultrasound machine! 

We will keep you updated on our progress! If you want to support a grassroots charity with minimal operational costs – meaning more children receive help – please consider supporting Bright Kids Charity!


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