It is important to have a purpose. As a charity, we set out challenging tasks for ourselves – to help as many Ukrainian children with disabilities as we could. Our efforts pay off, if you may say, when you look at the progress the children are making. 

Two children with disabilities, Tymur and Makar, attended their rehabilitation courses, to which Bright Kids contributed 8, 400 hryvnias (298.31 US$). 

In January, we started a fundraiser on Global Giving, ‘Urgent help needed for a teenage cancer survivor’: ‘17 y.o. Danylo needs help to raise money for tumour endoprosthesis. He suffered from osteosarcoma of the left distal femur which destroyed his bone. He is hoping to have the surgery as soon as possible at ZEM-Germany hospital in Munich. The treatment costs Euro 42,000 which Danylo’s parents can’t afford. We would love to raise some money to contribute to the costs. Having the treatment will enable him to rebuild his life. Help Danylo fight for a new life after everything he has been through!’ 

We have already raised over 800 US$ for Danylo!