A trip to the Dovbysh orphanage (9/02/2019)

Our first trip to the Dovbysh orphanage in 2019 took place!

As usual, we had a great program with master classes and interesting discussions.

Yulia Slabinskaya presented a fantastic master class on soap-making! Many thanks to Yulia and her assistant – Anastasia Pavlyuk. Kids like hand-making art processes. So, we will be happy to welcome any new masters into our team who can hold such kind activities.

Painting class, art therapy, lecture on emotions – all these classes were presented by Elena Light, who was rewarded with a special dance from kids.

Tatyana Gerasymova had an educational class for teenagers on finances which turned out quite inspirational.

Massages by Lialia Vasylieva and Oleg Mykhailov were an awesome and relaxing therapy for the kids.

Our beautiful photographer Zhanna Golub managed to catch all these memories! Besides, we brought a number of printed photos to gift for the children.
We also brought English tutorials, and it was a real surprise. (They had never learned a foreign language before), but from now on we are going to organize English classes for them!

We would like to thank our drivers – Yurii Rakotsi and Yurii Yatsenko. Yurii Yatsenko also taught the kids how to play guitar and tennis.

We are also thanking Tatiana Repa, Tatiana Tsaryuk, Amerisis, Akim for joining us!


Regular English-language Classes at the Dovbysh orphanage (17/02/2019)

New beginnings! On February 17th, 2019, we launched regular English-language classes for the kids from the Dovbysh orphanage.

English-language lessons were to be held each week, but the kids were excited that they asked for more lessons! So we are aiming to offer classes twice each week.
This is a big step for the students because foreign languages have not previously been taught in this orphanage.
We believe this project will open new doors for these kids!
Many thanks to our English teacher, Lilia Polukovskaya’s mother, who has many years of experience in teaching English and who loves educating children.


Bright Kids attend the Benefactors’ Forum (22/02/2019)

“The Benefactors’ Forum is an opportunity to learn more about social responsibility and how our active participation in society can benefit others. The forum is of particular interest to Bright Kids as the discussion relates to the work we do and we are able to learn new methods and techniques to benefit those we serve.
Since the forum, Bright Kids has decided to invite people who are differently abled to volunteer or work with us.
It is crucial for people to feel that they are an important part of society, that they can help others, and can be involved in projects that have meaning.”


Children from the Dovbysh Orphanage Attending a Theatre Performance (24/02/2019)

On the 24th of February 2019, 10 children from the Dovbysh orphanage were given the opportunity to go to the theatre.
The trip was organized by Оksana Purik and her team.
The kids travelled to Kyiv and saw a performance at the theatre. After the show, they ate lunch at a special cafeteria where the stage actors dine.
The children also went on a backstage tour and took photographs with the actors.
We are pleased to have met Оksana Purik, who we warmly welcome as a new member of our volunteer’s team.

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