December is a Time to Reflect. 

BKC wants to thank you for all your support this year. It has been one of our most challenging by far, but thanks to your support, we’ve been able to achieve remarkable things in 2022. Your choice to support our work this year has enabled us to help: 

  • More than 2,500 children affected by the war 
  • Six mothers of children with disabilities 
  • Eight childcare institutions and 
  • Eleven children’s hospitals and medical facilities  

Our total donations this year were divided as follows:

Total income: UAH 28,704,436.77 

Charitable Activities & Associated Costs: UAH 14,658,524.85 

Administrative Expenses: UAH 650,817.02 (<5%) 

Other Expenses: UAH 45836.38 

Total expenditure: UAH 15,355,178.25 

What You’ve Helped us Achieve

We often hear from our beneficiaries: ‘When writing to you, we didn’t think you’d actually help us.’ BKC is able to say ‘yes’ to these requests because of you.

Your help means some of the most disadvantaged people and underfunded public institutions in Ukraine have received emergency funding and essential assistance. 

The outstanding support we received in 2022 not only allowed us to provide substantial help where needed most but also to map out projects for the future. We have plans to provide assistance to many vital services for children, including hospitals and educational institutions. These projects are in the financing phase of operations. We hope your generosity will continue into 2023 so we can launch these projects that save lives, create opportunities and elevate families from the continuing threats of war.


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