It has been a busy month for Bright Kids. In August, we donated 5,072.63 hryvnias worth of essentials and hygiene products for the little residents of the Sun orphanage, Zaporizhia.
We also welcomed a new addition to the Bright Kids’ team, Lidia, who will be our project coordinator. We offer her a warm welcome!
We have also been working towards joining an international fundraising group. Such international organizations rarely accept applications from Ukrainian charities. We are happy to have found one that does, and we are currently preparing our campaign to be listed as a participant with the organization. If we are accepted, it will be a chance for us to increase our visibility and take another step towards gaining international attention for the human rights struggles for those living in Ukraine.
We are actively working on our Future Professions project, which aims to give mothers of children with disabilities, single mothers, and orphan graduates the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. We are currently preparing the paperwork for Anastasia, who is a single mother from Mykolaiv. She is applying to enter her first year of study of a law degree. We are also supporting Lesya, who graduated high school recently and who grew up in an orphanage in Kharkiv. She is applying to study architecture. Our goal is to support both women by paying their tuition fees for their first semester of university study.


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