Bright Kids Helps Arthur (6/08/2019)

On August 6th, Bright Kids donated 11,136 hryvnias (US$435.51 ) towards the cost of a rehabilitation course for a 10-year-old boy who has cerebral palsy.
Arthur’s mother, Natalia Kulachkovs’ka, who is from Stryi, Lvivs’ka Oblast’, requested financial aid as Arthur requires costly rehabilitation treatments twice a year, which the single mother of two cannot afford.
Children with a similar diagnosis to Arthur’s require constant care and expensive medicines that are not always available in Ukraine. Many families exhaust their financial resources caring for children with cerebral palsy and have to turn to charities to access the resources their children need.
Bright Kids strives to support such families, but we need your help too.



Bright Kids Contributes to a Rehabilitation course for a Child in Need (08/08/2019)

On August 8th, Bright Kids made a contribution of 2,512 Hryvnias (US$100) towards the cost of the fourth rehabilitation course for 6-year-old Maria, who was born with spastic tetraparesis, speech development delay and epilepsy.
Her mother, Olga Barkanova-Shevchenko, who is from Mariupol’, says the family have to turn to charities for help as the cost of constant treatments and care is unbearable for the average Ukrainian family.
Bright Kids aims to help more Ukrainian children in need, but we require your support.


Aaron Attends His Rehabilitation Course (14/08/2019)

Dear friends!
Here we would like to share a few pictures of 7 y.o. Aaron getting his rehabilitation treatment, which were kindly provided to us by his mother Natalia Keian.
Bright Kids are grateful to our sponsors for the possibility to contribute to such cases. Donate to support a child today!


Bright Kids Organizes a Day Out (14/08/2019)

Bright Kids organized a trip to Kyiv for two wonderful teenagers; 15-year-old Vika and her 14-year-old brother Valentin, who live in Zhytomyrs’ka Obl., about 200km from the capital.
The teenagers were orphaned when their mother died only a few months ago. Luckily, their older sister, Toma, has taken her siblings in to live with her family.
Bright Kids organized a day out for Vika and Valentin to help reduce some of the stress they are feeling.
Our volunteer, Yulia Slabinska, hosted fun master classes for them, took them on an excursion around Kyiv and dined out for lunch with them before shopping for some new clothes for school.
Vika was also given a beautiful evening dress from bridal and evening wear studio ‘Madonna’ thanks to Natalie, the store owner.
It was an eventful and well-spent day!
Both teenagers are ambitious. Vika dreams of becoming a tailor and Valentin wants to be a construction worker.
The day after the excursion, we received a message from Vika and Valentin thanking us for supporting them.
We are happy to be there Vika and Valentin!


A Rehabilitation Course Begins (19/08/2019)

We are happy to share that 6-year-old Maria Barkanova, who was born with spastic tetraparesis, speech development delay and epilepsy, started her rehabilitation course at ‘Rostok Zhyzni’. Earlier this month, Bright Kids contributed about US$100 towards the cost of the course.
Maria’s mother, Olga, has asked Bright Kids for further assistance paying for Maria’s future treatments, as the 6-year-old requires constant care and support.
Unfortunately, at this time, we could not guarantee further financial assistance, as our resources are limited. There are many children in Ukraine with similar medical conditions as Maria’s who are in need of ongoing financial support.
We are an open and transparent foundation who needs your support. We can provide you with any relevant documentation to ensure that you know how your donation is being used.
We encourage you to donate to a good cause and support a child today!


Bright Kids Donates Massage Therapy (20/08/2019)

Bright Kids donated 1,000 hryvnias (US$40) towards massage therapy for 11-year-old Irina, who was born with a congenital hip dislocation. Due to her condition, Irina has to bear a lot of pain. Doctors have advised her to have a hip transplant at the age of 14, but till then she is prescribed massage therapy for the temporary relief of her symptoms.
Tamara Kotenko adopted Irina and her siblings, and now the Kotenko’s are a family of 5 children. They live in a village in Zhytomyrs’ka Oblast’, where the cost of Irina’s massage therapy is more affordable.
We hope that Irina stays brave and we wish her all the best for her future!
Ukrainian families, such as the Kotenko’s, approach Bright Kids for help – all the cases are different, with one thing in common – a lack of finances to sustain themselves.
We would like to help more Ukrainian families like this one, but we need your help!


Bright Kids Donates Towards A Rehabilitation Course (22/08/2019)

Bright Kids contributed 8,000 hryvnias (US$317) to a rehabilitation treatment for 7-year-old Aleksandra Strelchenko, who was born with cerebral palsy.
The course will take place in ‘Rostok Zhizni’, Harkov, from the 15th to 24th September.
We will share pictures with you showing Aleksandra’s progress.
We all hope for the best results for Aleksandra!
Her family is from Donetsk Oblast’, where the local people continue to suffer the consequences of the war in Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, many families and children in the region are not getting enough support from existing systems and have to turn to charities for help.
We strive to provide support to as many children in need as we can and appreciate your help.


Bright Kids Organizes Crowdfunding for Vika and Valentin (25/08/2019)

As we shared in an earlier post, teenagers Vika and Valentin recently lost their mother, and their older sister, Toma, a 26-year-old mother of two small children, became their guardian.
We organized crowdfunding to help their sister prepare Vika and Valentin for their studies.
We thank Olesya Petrushevskaya, Anton Markov and Oksana Seklitskaya for your contributions and support!
We also thank Elena Guzii for sending some clothing items for Vika.


A Letter to Olga Kuz’ (27/08/2019) 

Dear friends,
We would like to say thank you to a very dear person, Olga Kuz’, who is a valuable member of the Bright Kids team.
Olga has been helping families and children with special needs for years. She makes candies and treats for bake sales and uses the money she raises to purchases essentials, such as nappies and cleaning supplies, for families and children in need.
In August, Olga bought goods and posted them to several families living in different parts of Ukraine. Arthur Kukachkovskii and Daryna Vyshnyakova (pictured), who both have cerebral palsy, were recipients of Olga’s aid.
Olga has been with us since the inception of Bright Kids. She works selflessly and tirelessly to help those in need.
Olga, you are very special to us and we want to thank you for all that you do.
You can join Bright Kids and help Ukrainian children in need today!


Bright Kids Visits a Children’s Center (30/08/2019) 

On the 30th of August, the Bright Kids team visited the Center of Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children No. 1 in Kyiv. The team collected and donated much-needed essentials for the kids, including clothing, a variety of fruits, and even a computer!
Our volunteers also hosted interesting master-classes for the children who live in the center. The kids enjoyed painting gypsum figurines and learned how to make playdough.
The visit was organized and coordinated by Yulia Slabinska.



Bright Kids Supports Dovbysh Orphanage Graduates Further Their Studies (30/08/2019)

Vika Matviichuk, as well as sisters Vika and Yulia Fedorenko, are to continue their studies in different vocational schools in Zhytomyr after graduating from the Dovbysh orphanage.
Their families are facing financial troubles, and Bright Kids supported the teenagers to help them prepare for the academic year.
We purchased and delivered some essentials such as clothes, shoes, sets of linen, stationery, as well as paying fees for one year in their dormitory’s so that the girls could be comfortable and concentrate on their studies.
We wish them all the best for their success.

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