All BKC projects serve the most vulnerable children in Ukraine, with projects aimed at directly supporting children and families in need and assisting underfunded public service institutions. We are happy to share our activities update from April through June 2023. 

We helped 61 families access food and basic essential supplies during this time. Olena A.’s family, who live in Kharkiv Oblast, reached out to BKC for assistance. The war has brought unimaginable suffering to Olena’s family – the loss of family members, as well as their house, which was burnt down due to shelling. The family has been forced into a refuge. After losing everything to the war, the family – Olena and three children – are slowly rebuilding their lives from scratch in a new place. Olena asked for help with the basics – food and household items. The family also needed an oven as Olena had been cooking meals over a fire. Your donation to BKC helped provide the essentials; food, linen, toiletries and hygiene products. We were also able to source an electric oven for the family. Olena is very grateful to everyone for their help, and she wishes everyone good health and peace. 

We’ve also been able to assist a boy, Victor, in continuing his studies with the donation of a laptop. The boy’s mum couldn’t afford the laptop Victor needed for online study. It is not safe for children in Ukraine to go to school, and most children are trying to study online. There is massive inequality in access to educational resources in Ukraine, resulting in social exclusion. Impoverished children are excluded from educational opportunities and feel ostracised. For Victor, having a computer means much more than merely owning an electronic device; it helps him feel included and means that he, just like his peers, has an equal opportunity to attend online classes – and succeed!

In response to the floods caused by the horrifying destruction of Ukraine’s Nova Kakhovka dam, Bright Kids provided help to people in Kherson, one of the affected areas. In the early hours of Tuesday, June 6th, a major dam in southern Ukraine, located in an occupied territory, sustained critical damages triggering floods and causing ecological damage, destruction of infrastructure, and massive displacement. People required urgent water, food, medicines, and shelter. BKC provided basic necessities, including hygiene products, and purchased a water filter system to ensure access to clean drinking water. The system is now being installed, and we look forward to sharing more photos with our next report. 

BKC also purchased a water filter system and hygiene products for the Znamyanka orphanage – an institution that is home to more than 100 disabled children. We also supported two specialised educational institutions located in Zhytomyr and Cherkasy Oblasts. As part of our helping children’s hospitals initiative, we bought medicines for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of the Kirovohrad Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital and tables, medical devices and tools for Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital # 1. 

The total charitable projects for the period amounted to UAH 721,916.80

Please check our social FB&IG pages @brightkidscharity for more detailed information about our beneficiaries and the help provided! 

Thank you to everyone who donated and for your choice to support BKC’s work – the kind donations of our supporters enable us to provide vital supplies to the affected communities and children’s institutions. 


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