Help Bright Kids Has Provided in April 2020

In April, 7 children in need, as well as an orphanage, received help from Bright Kids, and we are delighted to share with you our photo-report.
Young residents of the Sun orphanage in Zaporizhia received diapers, as well as much-needed protective products: masks, gloves, and sanitizer.
Five children were given 2,700 hryvnias (US$100) each to buy essentials.
Teenagers Vika and Valentin purchased shoes and clothing.
Polina Dovbysh received medicine, nutritious food and diapers.
Artiom Korolkov received medicine and nutritious food recommended for a special diet.
Zhenya Minaev received medicine and diapers.
Kira, from Skvira, and Oleksandra Strelchenko received much-needed diapers.
Most of Bright Kids’ beneficiaries are children with disabilities, and in most cases, people request help to purchase diapers, foods high in nutrition and medicine. These simple daily supplies improve the quality of life of children in need.


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