Dear Friends! Today, Bright Kids Charity is celebrating #Vyshyvanka Day 2021! Vyshyvanka is a fundamental element of Ukrainian traditional wear. We are proudly wearing our #vyshyvankas today to celebrate our culture!

On this special day, we wanted to discuss an important subject concerning equal opportunities for NGOs from different countries. Hope you find this subject relevant and interesting as well!

How far you go in life largely depends on where you start. As a Ukraine-based charity, Bright Kids is not on equal footing with other international charity organizations. There is prejudice against charities from certain countries, including Ukrainian charities. Major international fundraising organizations refuse to work with us because ours is a Ukraine-based charity. People in Ukraine are suffering from the impacts of war and the economic strain it brings, as well as decades of economic stagnation under a kleptocracy.

People deserve the opportunity to access the services they need, the assistance that Bright Kids is trying to provide. Our goal is to shatter stereotypes about Ukraine-based charities by partnering with you. We are determined to help provide the services Ukrainian families need.

With your help, we can transform how charities are perceived. To do this, we are seeking to improve our visibility and enhance trust by working with international organizations like yours, which are interested in taking the first step of the journey with Ukrainian children in need, so that they might achieve parity with their peers.

With your endorsement, we believe that Bright Kids can change the conversation. We can prove that grassroots charities can be elevated by larger organizations and trusted by regulators. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of Ukrainian children and their families.

We would like to extend an invitation to form a supportive partnership.

If you would be interested in helping to further the international visibility of Bright Kids Charity and contributing to a good cause, we would be delighted to discuss with you the possibilities of our partnership via Zoom, email, or phone. Please feel free to contact us at +38-068-342-07-18 or email or

We’re ready to prove to kids in need that the world is listening. Help us to make the world a fairer place in 2021!

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