Some of the moms of children with disabilities we support run small businesses to earn something extra for their families. These families have been particularly affected by the economic impacts of the war. But no matter what life throws at them, the mothers respond to all the challenges with resilience, trying to continue running their ventures in war circumstances. 

Our today’s story is about one such motivated mom and her family. 

The woman in the picture is Snizhana, a mom of three boys with autism. Snizhana and her family live in a rural area in Chernihivska Oblast. The family lived in a city, but after the children were born, they chose to move to the countryside for their health; spending a lot of time outdoors benefitted their development significantly. 

For Snizhana, moving to the country meant sacrificing her professional life as there were no job opportunities; hence becoming self-reliant was crucial for the mother of three. So, Snizhana turned her passion – painting – into a career. She sells her artwork to provide for her family. 

The war devastated the family’s well-being, putting them in dire need, and jeopardised Snizhna’s ability to earn an income as she could not afford to purchase painting tools. We supported Snizhana and her family by buying the necessary painting tools worth USD 273. 

By helping to provide necessary tools and equipment to mothers of children with disabilities so they can run their ventures, you are helping these families to get through the war. 

Please consider supporting our project with a donation to help vulnerable families to survive. Thank you for standing with Ukraine! 


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