Today, we wanted to say a huge thank you to Unga Örnars Riksförbund and Olof Palme International Center, Sweden. They allocated Euro 9653.84 to help Ukrainian children affected by the war by providing much-needed medical equipment and supplies to children’s hospitals and medical facilities.

Some of these hospitals we support are in cities that have been under attack. Some hospitals need more assistance due to an increased number of Internally Displaced Persons fleeing active combat zones. This contribution will help provide the medical equipment and supplies necessary to afford children the healthcare they need. 

Besides its primary goal to equip medical hospitals, this contribution serves another important purpose, it contributes to the realisation of human rights. By ensuring children’s medical facilities have vital equipment, by ensuring, therefore, the provision of medical care for children and elevating those in dire need, this project contributes to democracy and freedoms, the foundations of a fair society. We are grateful to Unga Örnars Riksförbund and Olof Palme International Center for standing with Ukrainians and contributing to the realisation of our freedoms! 

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